5 Amazing Experiences in Tunisia

by Jules on January 7, 2013

Tunisia is one of those rare and diverse places that really captures traveller’s imaginations. Tunisia appeals to those seeking sun and surf, adventure and activities and also culture and history. Tunisia has it all from ancient ruins to superb beaches to fascinating medinas to remote yet beautiful deserts. This North African country is pulsing with nature, heritage and energy.

Tunisia was settled by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC and the city of Carthage came into being about 200 years later. This country has a colorful history, and it fell under French rule during the 1860s. Nonetheless, it eventually gained its own independence back from France in 1956, and it got its own first president, Habib Bourguiba who had a considerable influence over it for a long time. The official language in Tunisia is Arabic, followed by French and other languages such as English, German, and Italian are often spoken in the resort areas. Experiences in Tunisia include exploring the stunning coastline, trekking the vast Sahara Desert and discovering the fascinating colonial cities that await.

Explore the ancient city of Carthage, and witness the centuries-old ruins from the Carthaginian Ruins to the Ancient Roman Baths to Villas Romaines to the Roman theatre of Carthage to beyond.

Travellers will fall in love with Hammamet, which is fascinating city. Visit Friguia Park, which is a zoo and pretty parkland, which is ideal for both adults and children alike, who can ride camels. Hammamet Beach is the ideal place to go to for fun and sun. Visit the ghost town of Yasmine Hammamet. Some of the other interesting sights include The Great Mosque, Citrus Golf Course and the George Sebastian Villa.

Discover the city of Tunis, which has plenty to amuse travellers from the Roman site of Dougga, which is the remains of an ancient Roman town that has a Punic mausoleum and a capitol theatre. There is also the Bardo Museum, which is the finest museum in the whole country, and displays here are divided into different time periods. Some of the other sights include the Zitouna Mosque and Medina of Tunis.

Visit Sousse which offers some incredible sightseeing attractions in the form of the Grande Mosque, Ribat, the Medinat Alzahra Parc, Museum Dar Essid and Medina of Sousse.

And finally, consider a real Sahara adventure experience. Douz is the perfect spot for a challenging desert trek. Transportation is by camel (for the truly adventurous) or four-wheel-drive vehicle (for those looking for a little luxury). Cross the Sahara on a trip which can last anywhere from seven days to three weeks. There are also movie-set safaris that can take you to the real-life film locations where blockbuster films such as Star Wars and The English Patient were filmed. Douz also offers dune skiing, individual flights in a light aircraft above the dunes, and also desert go-karting too. Some of the other sites in Douz to witness include the Sahara Museum and Touristique Zone.

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