What NOT to do when travelling the world

by Jules on November 1, 2012

Taking a trip can be fun, relaxing and a great way to get away from the usual routine of life; however, before taking that trip, there are a few essential pre-travel tips and advice that you should follow to make your trip run smoothly.

Don’t forget your passport
Make sure your passport is in date with enough remaining time before the expiry date. Sign up for a new passport if necessary and fill in the emergency information page of the passport. (This step of course, needed only if you’re traveling overseas.) If you are traveling overseas, leave copies of your passport information page and what you will be doing on the trip, with a family member or friend.

Don’t Skip Health Insurance
Find out from your health insurance company if your policy will cover you while you are either travelling overseas or at home. If you are traveling to a foreign country or even a new part of your own home country, find out the laws, etiquette and customs.

Don’t Attract Attention to Yourself!
To prevent crime, wear clothes that don’t attract too much attention, such as clothes that are too loud and skip wearing too much jewellery. Also do not carry too much money around with you. If you’re travelling abroad and you become involved in an emergency situation, contact consular personnel at your local embassy or consulate. They are available 24/7 and can provide emergency help to their citizens.

Don’t forget to book your Vaccinations
If you are travelling overseas, be sure to get the necessary vaccinations and health information on the country you are going to so that you can protect you and your family’s health. These may be needed several weeks in advance of your trip so don’t leave it too late! Of course, if you are on several different kinds of medication, be sure to bring them with you. Some travelers suggest wearing a medical alert bracelet in case you become ill. This can be extremely helpful in a foreign country or here in the US. Keep in mind, too, that if your insurance policy does not cover you when you travel abroad, consider purchasing a temporary policy.

Don’t forget to pack a map, satellite navigation etc
Taking a map with you or a road atlas (manual sat nav!) can come in handy; especially in densely populated areas where signs are not visible or when you are traveling during holidays and festival occasions. In addition, before traveling, use the internet to check for prices, special discounts and other helpful information on hotels, restaurants and shopping areas.

Don’t forget our wallet; Cash and Traveller’s Cheques are a must!
In addition, be sure to take plenty of money for your trip; however, take the majority of money in traveller’s cheques and divide the money you’re carrying between you and your partner. Always keep your money and traveller’s cheques close to your body. Keep your wallet in your front pocket and women need to hold their purse close to their bodies or wear an across-the-body bag.

Do not overpack
Be careful not to overpack. Carrying heavy luggage from one area to another can certain take the fun out of traveling, fast, as well as attracting extra fees and premiums from the airlines.

Don’t bin your receipts
Hold on tightly to your receipts especially if you’re delayed or incur extra charges that you could claim back either from your insurance company or your place of work. Some countries also offer duty-free shopping where you present your shopping receipts to claim the tax back. Check when you land if you’re entitled to claim back.

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