How to Save Money on Fall Vacations

by Jules on October 13, 2012

One of the easiest ways to save money by traveling in fall season is by doing just that; traveling in autumn! Most people choose to take their vacations in summer because that’s when their children are out of school. The fact is that gas prices tend to be higher over regular breaks that people take, such as summer and during winter vacations for Christmas and New Year’s. By traveling during fall you can catch great savings and discounts. The only travel destination that this doesn’t work on is if you’re going to do the annual drive to view the fall foliage. This is a very popular autumn activity, so hotels and inns bump up their prices. It is best to use the fall to visit destinations that are generally popular during the summer. Airlines and cruise prices are cheaper during this time and usually offer discounted rates because fall is considered the ‘shoulder’ season. This also means that hotels reduce their rates because the peak summer travel season is over.

Another way to save money during fall is to stick close to home. There are plenty of places near you that you probably haven’t considered visiting or didn’t even know existed. If money is an issue, consider exploring in a nearby city or neighboring state. Look up what kind of attractions they have to offer. Places like amusement parks, museums and other visitor hotspots all offer lower prices during their low seasons. Not only will you be saving gas money by not traveling as far, but you’ll have the added bonus of being able to avoid crowds as well. It’s also a good idea to consider shortening the length of your vacation, especially if you have children that you want to bring along. There are many times during the school year that children have a long weekend or teacher conferences that give them time off from school. By consulting their school calendar at the beginning of the school year you can know when these opportunities are and take advantage of them. You may even be able to take more than one autumn trip if you do it this way. A few long weekends here and there can more than make up for a long, drawn out summer vacation. So in order to save money in fall just remember:

  • Take advantage of fall ‘shoulder’ season rates on hotels, plane tickets and cruises
  • Take shorter vacations closer to home
  • Tickets to amusement parks and other venues are discounted during the shoulder seasons
  • Work around school vacation time for kids

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