Cheapest long haul holiday destinations announced

by Jules on October 3, 2012

The UK’s Post Office® has just published their ‘long haul costs barometer’ which reveals the best value holiday destinations based on 32 locations across the world.

A basket of 12 everyday tourist items were totted up including a 3 course meal for 2 people with wine and other travel sundries such as insect repellent, a postcard, a paperback book and various beverages. The average prices of these baskets have been sorted to reveal the Top 10 with the cost in GBP in brackets;

1. Bentota, Sri Lanka (£43.85)
2. Vietnam, Hoi An (£53.04)
3. Bali, Indonesia (£53.04)
4. Cancun, Mexico (£60.38)
5. Kololi, Gambia (£61.72)
6. Phuket, Thailand (£71.17)
7. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt (£71.81)
8. Cape Town, South Africa (£72.95)
9. Washington DC, USA (£76.53)
10. Orlando, USA (£77.57)

The crucial thing to consider with these statistics is the current exchange rate conversion from GBP into the local currency. In fact the Post Office® reports that the number one cheapest destination on this list, Sri Lanka has actually seen price rises of 21% since their last report, yet with sterling strong against the Sri Lankan rupee, the holiday hotspot sits top of the list for the third year running.

Vietnam was recently crowned the Fastest Growing Currency this summer by the Post Office® with growth of 68% and this year leapfrogs Thailand as the second cheapest long haul destination. In fact prices have risen some 18% in Thailand which has seen a slip from second to sixth in the table.  Bali has seen a 26% price fall which helps to secure third place.

Some new destinations to the report are Gambia in Africa, South Korea in Asia and three American destinations; Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

And in case you wondered, these are the three most expensive long haul destinations; Seoul, South Korea (£169.17) with a cup of coffee costing a staggering £3.40 (the same as a glass of beer!), Darwin, Australia (£160.01) with a paperback book weighing in at a huge £11.96 and Auckland, New Zealand (£144.32) again with paperback books costing £14.04, third most expensive price on this list after Argentina.

Thanks to the Post Office® for the details and the full breakdown for all 32 locations can be viewed on their website.

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