Essential tips to get through the airport quicker

by Jules on September 25, 2012

Traveling by air can be frustrating with busy airports, decreased staff, longer check-in and security lines even at the world’s best airports. Saving time and stress can be straightforward however by following a few tips;

Plan Ahead of Time

  • Travelers can save time at the airport by taking advantage of two government programs designed to ease travel.
  • TSA’s Precheck, the Trusted Traveler program, permits travelers to be pre-screened and rapidly passed through security without removing shoes or taking laptops from bags.
  • Global Entry Program is a time saver for international travelers.

Check on your Flight Status

  • Verify your flight status before leaving home or your hotel accommodation to find out if your flight has been cancelled or is on schedule. Many airlines will send texts regarding the standing of the flight if you sign into their website.
  • Check in online, primarily if not checking bags, to save time. Preprint the boarding pass, which could also save you money, especially with certain budget airlines charging handsomely for printing boarding passes!
  • Place identification, boarding pass and credit card in a section of baggage or wallet that is easily accessible to expedite the check in at the airport.
  • Pack all items together that will not be needed between leaving home and reaching your airline seat.

Determine the Best Parking Option

  • Investigate the airport parking lots to save time in identifying location, hours and distance of lots from the airport. Additionally, being aware of entrance roads to the airport and alternate lots if main lots fill quickly. Airports often post the status of their parking lots on their website, bookmark the page or find an app for that. Parking lots off site permit advanced reservations while saving the cost of fees. There are also valet options which allow you to literally drive up to the door whilst your vehicle is driven away for you.
  • Examine the maps of airports, information about shuttle service and location of counters for rental cars to be familiar with the layout of the airport.
  • Check out the destination airport to arrange a location for pickup upon arrival.

Prepare for Airport Check-in

  • Prepare to check in by collating all your travel documents and having them handy at security. This action speeds up the process at the check-in counter and security. This is especially pertinent if you’re on a last minute holiday organized in a rush.
  • Weigh your luggage either at home or on the scales at the check-in counter. This saves time by not having to trade items from the suitcase to carry on bags.

Steps to Take Between Check-in and Security

  • Put all items except the identification and boarding pass in the carry-on bag. This speeds up the security line by not having to look for items in pockets.
  • List all items that will have to be taken off when reaching the front of the security line. This expedites the time it takes to put things in bins.

Beyond Security

  • Check the flight status to find out about gate changes and departure times.
  • Go to the gate for any recent information about the flight status.

Problem solving

  • Put the 800-telephone number of the airline into your mobile phone for rapid calls to the airline for information about changed flight plans.

Preplanning before traveling can save time and frustration at airport delays. And travelers will arrive at their destination refreshed and full of energy by following some well-thought-out steps.

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