Explore Poland: Gdansk in a nutshell

by Jules on September 14, 2012

Do you enjoy travelling to beautiful and enchanting places? Are you the type of person who just loves a good adventure? Would you love to spend your time experiencing a whole new culture, language, and eating new kinds of food? If yes, is the answer to all of these questions then you will surely enjoy visiting Gdansk. Poland in itself has a rich history and is a beautiful and fascinating country. That is why Gdansk is a pleasurable place where anyone can visit.

If you would like to visit historical areas, then the first place you need to certainly visit is the St. Mary’s Church. It is actually the largest medieval brick church in Europe. The spires and the square towers can’t be missed when a person is checking out the Gdansk skyline. The St. Mary’s Church started way back in 1343 and it took 150 years to complete the church. It is topped with a crucifix that shines at night. It is a breathtaking site to see. Another great site to visit would be the Gdansk Old Town. The old town, also known as Stare Miasto, is beautiful because of its narrow streets and colorful houses that have small shops all around. There are also many different cafes, pubs, and restaurants that you can enjoy while soaking up the whole old town feel. There is also an annual event called the St. Dominic’s Fair which actually dates back to the medieval times. It runs for about two weeks and the locals and tourist alike can enjoy different performances, food, and many more fun and amusing thing that person can do at a fair.

Third, you can visit the Westerplatte Sights because it is the place where the first shots of World War II by the German Battleship took place. This is a place that would mostly interest those who are interested in military stories. The fourth place to visit would be the Museum of Gdansk. It was the old Town Hall in the past and the debating and council rooms are decorated beautifully and grandly. It is surely impressive in every way. The fifth place to visit would be the Museum of Tower Clocks located at St. Catherine’s Church. The clock mechanisms displayed are quite grand and the ticking sound can actually be quite calming for many people. The sixth place to visit would be the Gdansk Zoo or also called Oliwa Zoo. This would be a particularly interesting treat for kids, but will also be very enjoyable for adults as well. It has also been growing and developing since 1952. Finally, the seventh place to visit would be Trojmiejski Park Krajobrazowy. This is a park of beautiful woodland; it’s a place the whole family can soak up nature at its finest.

When you travel around these different sites, be sure to pack light but also bring light snacks and a lot of water. It would also be good to have a tour guide. It is always more fun when someone is around to explain the landmarks to you. Gdansk, Poland is a place you won’t regret visiting.

Consider also combining your Gdansk sightseeing with a trip to the other two major cities of Warsaw and Krakow in Poland too and make a real vacation of it!

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