Why Direct Holidays Are Such A Great Choice; Tips and Advice

by Jules on August 9, 2012

Booking a holiday direct can be a fantastic opportunity to save money and have a totally independent and flexible trip. You get complete control over where you go, when you go and what you see. Every element of your trip can be tailor-made and you’ll get a gold star in terms of eco travel too as by booking direct, more of your money will go into the local communities that you’ll visit.

Go Direct – When you decide to go on a direct vacation there is no travel agent commission built into your price and you’ll probably save money on those packages sold online and via actual shop locations. And as you’re deciding where to go yourself, you’ll avoid any over enthusiastic sales reps that are on specific bonuses and commission!

Give Something Back – Sustainability is at the top of many travellers thoughts, from how to save water and energy in resort to how much local staff are paid. With a direct trip you are doing your bit to contribute more to the local economy by eating at the local restaurants, staying at the local hotels, guesthouses and hostels and by using local tour guides. You’ll have more control over the local payments made and effectively help the local providers have more control over their income as well.

Expert Guides – Nobody knows a local area inside-out like a local! Their in depth expert local knowledge will in return give you a better all-round travel experience. And to slide the enjoyment level up a notch you have the option to book a tour guide for just your travel party, whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or a large family. You’ll get to fully interact with your guide, ask as many questions you like and really pick their brains.

Get Out There – By travelling direct, you’ll have the opportunity to travel outside of the holiday brochures. Want to try a Barbados singing holiday or go quad biking in Cape Verde? Direct holidays give you the chance to try something new, different or terrifying – whatever floats your boat! You’ll be able to find a holiday in just about every country in the world – given there are 196 different countries out there, that’s no mean feat! The only problem you’ll have is deciding where to actually go.

Choice – All the tours on PureTravel are from local operators and cover 160 countries around the world. So whether you fancy hiking the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, fishing in Kiribati or sea angling in Iceland, we have it all!

Direct Holidays Travel Information and Safety Tips

These safety and information tips are applicable to all trips, whether as an independent adventure or a package tour;

Safety – Research your locations prior to travel. Get the exact accommodation locations and check them out on independent websites and travel forums. Always carry out extra research on how to dress locally, if you need to carry important documents, where you should keep your money and keys etc. We have produced a large tips and advice section full of useful travel information.

Low Profile – Try to keep a low profile while traveling so you blend in and not stand out. Think dressing respectably or wearing local dress and leaving the flashy jewellery at home (unless you’re going to Monte Carlo).

Always be Alert – Make sure you are consistently aware of who and what is around you. Stay off the alcohol so you can stay alert. Never leave your drinks unattended, this applies to both men and women!

Crowds – Large groups of people are excellent places for pickpockets to thrive. They are skilled in their craft and can easily slip in and get away quickly. Watch out for distraction tactics and stay alert.

Transit Stops – Thieves love to dash on and off at any available stop. NEVER allow yourself to fall asleep while you are traveling on a train or bus especially if you are traveling alone.

Carry your luggage – If you are responsible for your own luggage you have more control over it than if you have to rely on others. This means that your items have a better chance of arriving at your destination in one piece and at the same time as you do.

Pack smart – By packing only one bag you will not only be packing lightly but you will need to pack smart. Be sure that the items you take are really what you need and not what you think you need.

Clothing – Clothing takes up the majority of space in your luggage. Make sure that the items you take with you are appropriate for the area you will be visiting, not only for temperature but also for the local culture.

PDAs – There have been quite a few high profile news stories lately about travellers being locked up or deported for public displays of affection. Bear in mind that some countries have a low tolerance for affection in public including kissing and holding hands. Some countries forbid relationships with local residents and in many countries homosexuality is also forbidden. If you object to the local laws, then direct travel is another way that you get to vote with your wallet!

Check your local embassies and organisations for the official latest advice;
UK FCO, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
US Department of State
Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs

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