10 Things NOT to pack when Travelling

by Jules on July 29, 2012

It’s tough to decide what to leave behind when you travel, but there are many things that are not only dangerous, but could also get you arrested! So follow this guide to ensure that nothing you’ve packed will end up ruining a great adventure.

    • Don’t pack pets or other animals, dead or alive! Pets may fit nicely in your suitcase but beware, they will NOT like being in there for very long. Likewise, if you are on vacation and see some exotic animals, do not take them with you. This is highly illegal!
    • Never pack guns or ammunition, sounds obvious and the TSA security really frowns upon weapons on airlines. Best avoid toy and replica weapons as well.
    • Avoid taking unnecessary cosmetics and beauty sundries on any journey. If traveling by car, this shouldn’t matter too much, but if traveling by air, make sure larger bottles are not in your carry on. Take it from me, when going through international security and your cucumber melon lotion spills all over everything causing the alarms to go off and you being pulled out of line and patted down by security, having to explain the green goo is only lotion, and almost missing your flight because of it- well it’s just best to leave the large bottles behind.
    • Don’t feel tempted to pack your entire wardrobe when traveling! Whilst it’s good to have a change of clothes for each day, do you really need a heavy parka when traveling to Florida in July? It seems most people when faced with a suitcase; lose all common sense regarding clothing. Remember to pack as light as possible, as this can save money on airline bills, plus think of all the extra room you’ll have for souvenirs.
    • Skip packing all the things you can get when you arrive at your destination. Leave behind nail polish, newspapers, extra razors and items like that. Believe me, when you travel with nail polish, some sort of mess is bound to happen!
    • Forget about taking fireworks, poppers and sparklers with you on your journey. Unless you are traveling for the 4th of July, these are best left at home. Not only can fireworks break and make a huge mess, they are a fire hazard as well. They are also illegal in many states so it is safer to leave these behind on your next trip.
    • Leave expensive jewellery, watches and trinkets at home; criminals are always on the lookout for their next victim and wearing a lot of expensive bling can make you really stand out, for all the wrong reasons. It is best to leave these items at home. If you absolutely cannot live without a piece of jewellery for a few days, be sure to wear it where it can be concealed, and if flying do not check it in your luggage.
    • Never pack breakable items into your luggage. Unless it is a gift for someone you are visiting on vacation, leave the breakables at home. If you have purchased breakable items while on vacation, be sure to pay extra to have it shipped back separately with insurance.
    • Don’t feel tempted to cram your luggage with all of your technical gadgets. These take up a lot of suitcase space, and rarely end up getting used once vacation starts. And again, expensive MP3 players, handheld games consoles, smartphones and tablets all represent a good pickpocket or bag snatch opportunity.
    • Avoid packing extra shoes in your suitcase – there is nowhere on earth (except maybe Milan fashion week) that requires stilettos in every shade of the rainbow. Depending on where you go, one or two pairs should be good, think sneakers, ballet flats and flip flops.

So who are the best at packing a suitcase; men v women? Remember to follow the above list when planning your next travel get-a-away and you will be sure to have a good time and not end up in jail!

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