7 Signs that a countryside holiday is not right for you

by Jules on July 28, 2012

A rural countryside break in a quaint thatched cottage, working farmhouse or get-back-to-nature campsite may be your idea of a perfect getaway. But throw in the smells of the countryside, lack of Wi-Fi and limited shopping opportunities and for many it will be the stuff of nightmares. So which camp do you fall into; rural getaways; love them or hate them?

  • Pitching your tent and camping in a seriously rural spot raises many questions; where do I plug my hairdryer in? Where can I get my daily skinny frappe-mocha-chino?  Will it ever stop raining? If you crave creature comforts and don’t really ‘do’ nature and the great outdoors, then stay at home!
  • The country is a place to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also a place with little to no cell phone or internet service. If your Smartphone is an extension of your hand at all times, this may pose a slight problem. Consider whether or not you are ready to give up the instant access to the outside world.
  • In the country, many people wake to the sound of a rooster and his flock of hens coming alive in the early morning hours. If the thought of a cock a doodle doo at 5 a.m. sends a cringe down your spine, then a vacation to the country may not be what you are looking for.
  • When you think of soothing sounds and consider the constant noise of traffic and sirens comforting compared to the annoying sound of silence and just your thoughts, a countryside break may not be as peaceful as you expect.
  • The country is known for the little creepy crawlies. If you cannot get your head around the idea of ticks, chiggers or spiders crawling over your body or even under your bedclothes, then you may want to stay in the city.
  • Animals and reptiles in the zoo and animals and reptiles in the wild are quite different. If you are not ready for the up close and personal experience of raccoons or opossums in your garbage or snakes on your doorstep, you may want to spend your money on a zoo membership for next year instead of a rural hideaway.

This is the second blog in our 7 signs tongue-in-cheek series, you can also read  7 Signs that a city break is not right for you and there’s more coming soon…

  • Some view the privacy of the country as an advantage, some view it quite the opposite. If the thought of seeing few human beings for a period of time immediately makes you want to go out with friends, leave the countryside to others.

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