3 Amazingly Cheap Cities in the USA to Explore

by Jules on July 5, 2012

Traveling is probably the most enjoyable activity on earth and finding the perfect destination at the best price is always a bonus. Try looking to less frequented cities that subsequently cost less to visit than the big tourist haunts. Fortunately there are a few distinct cities in North America that offer this opportunity;

Denver, Colorado

When visiting Denver there are many places to explore and the city has a wide range of outdoor activities for you to do all at a great price. With lots of mountains, lakes, rivers and natural dirt paths travellers can try their hand at running, hiking, biking and skiing. Visitors can also visit the Denver Art Museum and the Performing Arts Center. Along with these places visitors can also check out the Santa Fe Arts District. All of these places offer people to check out art galleries and see live events such as concerts. One thing that makes Denver great to visit is the low cost of these activities and therefore this is one of the cheapest cities to visit in the United States.

Dallas, Texas

The city of Dallas has some very historical sites and plenty going on 24/7. Visitors can check out Cotton Bowl sports event stadium, where one of the major college bowl games is played each year. There is also the Dallas Museum of Art which has a variety of modern art exhibits. Then there is the Texas Theatre which gives visitors a place to check out a variety of plays and other performing events. For people interested in seeing marine life there is the Dallas World Aquarium as well. One thing that makes Dallas a great place to visit is the weather, which is warm most of the year round.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is well known as the cultural and economic center of the state of Oregon. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself and explore at either a low cost or for free! Due to its close proximity to rivers and mountains visitors can try a variety of outdoor activities such hiking, skiing and biking. For those into sports you can go to the Rose Garden arena to check out a NBA basketball game featuring the local team, the Trail Blazers. Visitors can also check out places such as the Oregon Museum of Science and History which has various life and physical science exhibits. They can also check out the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon History Museum which display quality modern art and exhibits of the historical aspects of the city.

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