Try a zesty summer holiday trip in Europe this year

by Jules on June 11, 2012

The warm weather holiday season is coming upon us once again along with the real challenge of going somewhere different that either you or the rest of the world hasn’t beaten to death yet. In many cases, these pristine locations are the same ones that are built up to an almost artificial sense to accommodate the seasonal flood of people that migrate there. But there are still a large number of places you can spend your holiday with a little effort.

Try island hopping

For a little island hopping excursions, there are a number of islands along the Mediterranean Sea that will not only challenge your physically with many inland hiking trails that can provide the most breathtaking views as well as exercising your linguistic skills in the many small villages. Formentera Island off the coast of Spain is considered the Caribbean of Spain, with the pristine waters and lush wildlife. The Isle of Man near England and Ireland as well as the Isle of Lewis just off the coast of Scotland provides the breathtaking views of landscape and wildlife that will renew your zest for life. And the fabulous Canary Islands offer something for all travellers, all you need to do is decide which Canary Island is right for you!

Go underground

For a different twist on exploring cities, there are many cities thorough out the world which has been built on top of older, historical cities. In Cappadocia in Turkey, there is a whole city that runs 18 storeys deep with all the regular features your see in a regular; school, markets, stables, and wine cellar. As part of the cities’ defence, they would roll millstone doors in front of the entrances. Paris has a series of catacombs that were originally used to mine limestone but became the Empire of the Dead, a dumping point for the bones of the dead at the time of the French Revolution when cemeteries were scarce.

Get quirky

The quirky does captivate you but not the great outdoors, then you can kick it at the world’s unlikely themes for a museum. In Brussels, based on the artistic mind of Jan Bucquoy and his underwear art come a museum that featured and tastefully done the undergarments of the rich and famous into artistic works of art.

Travel by train

Taking a rail trip to some of the lessor known cities around Europe can be just as rewarding in getting the flare and flavour of an area as oppose to some of the more metropolitan areas. One example would be visiting the city of Wroclaw, coined as the “Venice of Poland” with its canals and waterways along with the nightlife. Another location that can give you that old world feel for both foot and water transport is the city of Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It has the feel of the old world Baroque style architecture that is exuded thorough out the castle and village stunning and having the additional attraction of water sports along the banks of the Rive Vlatava. This location is best visited in the early spring and middle fall when both weather and crowds have subsided.

Sample the atmosphere of Oktoberfest

And if you are taking a late season holiday to catch Oktoberfest in Germany, the annual fall beer and Bratwurst sausage harvest celebration won’t be complete without visiting the sausage museum which traces its origins back to the 15th century.

Experience the romance of Paris

When visiting Paris there are many great sites to see and things to explore. You will also get to dine on great French cuisine. While here you will also get to learn more about the history and culture of Paris as well. And you may even get to pick up a little bit of the language to come back and share with your friends and family. No matter what you inevitably decide to do while in Paris, you will definitely enjoy your time there. When packing for a trip to Paris is best to include a good book, a travel kit for the flight, pair of walking shoes, an umbrella, cellular phone, any passports or another information you may need and a washcloth. When thinking about clothes, it all depends upon what time of the year you are going. When in Paris make sure to visit all the great museums and eat a lot of great food, and just enjoy your time in this rich cultured country.

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