Top 5 Things to do in Puerto Rico

by Jules on May 28, 2012

Capital of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean is San Juan

Puerto Rico is an intriguing contrast of ancient and modern; with lush tropical rainforests and fifteenth century forts nestled comfortably alongside designer shopping malls, chic restaurants and high-end casinos. The buzzing Caribbean island of Puerto Rico offers all visitors a warm welcome whether you’re looking for rest and relaxation or a thrilling adventure. Here are just five things to do when vacationing in Puerto Rico.

Go to the Camuy River Cave Park, one of the best attractions in Puerto Rico. These large tunnel-like caves are one of the largest in the world. Opt for a guided tour which takes you through the deepest ravines of the caves, as you view the ground below, some 600 feet below! Going deeper into the caves requires an adventurous spirit and you can rappel down the side of the cave or free jump with the help of your guides. You’re going to need a great pair of hiking boots and a backpack with food and water if you decide to go to the caves.

Visit the Vieques Biobay, a wonderful trip which allows you to kayak through deep and beautiful mangroves. It’s best to do this when the sun sets, since the plant matter has a deep bioluminescent glow to it, making your oars and kayak turn a glowing green. The colorful fish that storm by in the waters is another site to behold during this adventure.

Go shopping as Puerto Rico has great souvenir shops in San Juan market places. One of which is The House of Little Houses, which has numerous types of folk art and traditionally made jewellery.

Unwind at the night clubs as the country’s night scene is free spirited and care free. In San Juan specifically, there is Club Lazer which features traditional reggae music and free flowing hip hop in a dimly light club house.

Enjoy the festivals. Puerto Rico’s people love celebrating their national holidays. Catching a fun filled festival is something you don’t want to miss. The Ponce Carnival is a lively and colorful festival that happens on the week leading up to Ash Wednesday.

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