Mediterranean Cruises; Explore the Med in style

by Jules on January 25, 2012

All holidays are very precious and one area that remains ever popular with travellers both young and old is the Mediterranean. It is a region that not only possesses rich heritage and diverse culture but has a capability to enthral all travellers as well. If you’ve backpacked around the Med, driven the twisting country lanes and maybe even tried a short weekend getaway, then now is the time to try something a little different; a wonderful cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.

Holidays in the Mediterranean region offer a huge variety of attractions and there are very few regions in the world that can compete with that. Mediterranean cruises will make it possible to explore the maximum number of destinations in the minimum possible time. Just picture Spanish sandy beaches, mouth-watering Italian food, romantic coastline of Cyprus and Turkey, mysterious sand dunes in Morocco and a whole lot more can be explored through a cruise in Mediterranean.

One can sail in the Mediterranean during all twelve months but the best time is considered in between the months of April until October. During this period the weather remains warm and pleasant, especially if you’re escaping the chill of Northern Europe. The Med attracts visitors from every corner of the planet. Travellers can embark from any of location throughout Europe as there are number of cruise services available that are operating from different port cities and offering different routes.

Cruise liners present many attractive tour packages to all travelers of every budget and with a bit of effort, one can find an excellent package with good rates. There are packages for different routes, prices and number of days. Most cruise liners also include packages that include city tours of either a half day or full day. That provides an ideal opportunity to explore destinations like Istanbul in Turkey, Barcelona in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal, Sicily in Italy and even London in United Kingdom.

There are many intriguing seaports to explore; Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Turkey, Gibraltar, France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Spain are just a few. Travellers can just sit back by night and enjoy the onboard entertainment and discover the endless local sights by day. And if you do opt for a cruise in the Med make sure you check out the local treasures of the Greek Isles, Anatolia, Italian coasts and the entire Levant area.

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