Escape the winter in Tenerife

by Jules on January 23, 2012

There are many reasons that the Canary Islands are well known, mainly for their modern and ancient history and the wide variety of animal, plant and geographical diversity. The city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the autonomous community’s capital city on the largest of the Canary Islands.

Getting to the island of Tenerife is fairly easy, as there are regular flights available from most airports located in Spain and Europe. For more adventurous travelers, there are ships that regularly visit the islands that take on passengers to the Canary Islands, and this can be a wonderful way to experience the beautiful coastal areas of Tenerife.

More than four million tourists visit the islands yearly to escape the cold winter weather in Europe, and to visit the many wonderful and diverse beaches and historical sites that are to be found on Tenerife holidays. Accommodations are plentiful and fairly priced, and many timeshare opportunities are available to those caught in the lure of Tenerife.

The highest point in Spain can be found here, the well known Teide Tenerife Volcano is one of the most visited locations among tourists, and from the height of 3,718 metres (12,198 ft) you have a bird’s eye view of the rest of the Canary Islands.

The island has many old historical towns that are rich in culture, and hiring a guide is recommended to get the full appreciation of the towns and their significance in history. It was here that the famous British Admiral Nelson was wounded and lost his arm during an attempt to take the island for the English crown in 1797.

Tenerife’s popularity is partial attributed to the yearly Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is the world’s largest carnival, visiting the island at this time may be hectic, but well worth it. The other factors that draw visitors to the island are the variety of plants, animals and marine life to be seen, such as turtles, whales and dolphins. All of these are waiting for you on Tenerife; it will be a trip you are sure to enjoy.

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