Explore Scotland for the Ultimate Cultural Adventure

by Jules on January 10, 2012

Scotland certainly has an iconic culture associated with it, and if you’re looking at holidaying in this popular country, you’ll be able to find a diverse range of luxury, food and culture to explore. Whether you’re visiting the many islands scattered off of Scotland’s shores, are exploring the rugged wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, or are indulging yourself in Scotland’s historic cities, you’ll be able to return home refreshed having taken the time to sample some of the country’s delights.

The country may be renowned for its unpredictable weather, but there are plenty of luxury hotels in Scotland which will allow you to indulge in style and decadence during your stay without venturing out. Some of the finest hotels are those which have been developed in beautiful castles, allowing you to enjoy high quality services and treatments whilst surrounded by the history of Scotland’s bloody past as warlords fought over their small corners of wild terrain. Loch-side retreats, boutique accommodation on charming Scottish islands, and grand five star buildings in cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, will offer the ultimate relaxation on trips to one of Britain’s most beautiful regions.

Edinburgh itself has developed a great sense of identity and culture, and you’ll find that many 5 star hotels in Scotland are based here, allowing you to explore this iconic city in style. Edinburgh Castle hosts a jewel collection which includes the Stone of Destiny. It also has an exhibition showcasing Scotland’s fight for independence; an important historical battle which has shaped the country. During the late summer Edinburgh is filled with thousands of visitors as people flock to the largest fringe theatre event in the world. This is an ideal time to indulge in one of the city’s most iconic cultural offerings and, in addition to fantastic theatre opportunities, you’ll be able to discover foods and entertainment like never before.

Fine foods are also to be found on the many islands, and luxury hotels in Scotland can be found on both Skye and Mull, offering a range of cuisines from traditional haggis dishes to freshly caught shellfish. These island destinations are very popular with visitors as they offer the attraction of beautiful fresh seafood, quaint seaside villages and luxurious boutiques to explore. Scotland’s culture of wildlife watching also thrives here and, on Mull especially, you’ll have the chance to spot golden eagles, otters, red deer and even enjoy whale watching tours.

There are many opportunities to indulge in luxury within Scotland, and though the country has a rugged and wild feel to it, this can make its chic and indulgent attractions even more of a lure. Hiding away in a Scottish castle next to a roaring fire whilst the wind whistles around you can create a glamorous and thrilling atmosphere. Likewise, spending the day shopping amongst Edinburgh’s ancient streets before returning to hotels for spa treatments and other indulgences can be the perfect way to spend a holiday. And, if you’re looking for the perfect getaway without leaving British shores, then Scotland is your ideal destination.

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