6 Best Spectator Sports Events in the World

by Jules on January 10, 2012

The Masters Golf Tournament is played at Augusta in the USA

Sports events unite fans across the world, whether it be football (or soccer), golf or tennis, and many are historic events that are fascinating and amazing to be a part of, even as a spectator;

Tennis at Wimbledon, England

Located in southwest London in the UK, Wimbledon is one of the four events that make up the tennis grand slam and is considered by millions of tennis fans as the premiere tennis event. It is certainly the oldest tennis tournament on the planet with matches played since 1877 at the All England Club at Wimbledon. As the only event held on natural turf it is one of kind and hosted some of the most awaited tennis matches of all time. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, bear in mind there is a strict dress code and don’t forget to order the essential strawberries and cream.

Golf at The Masters, United States

Two words can sum up this great golfing event held annually at Augusta in George, USA; ‘tradition’ and the ‘green jacket’, ok so maybe three words. Started in 1934, The Masters is a one of a kind tournament that greats such as the golden bear Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer made a name for themselves and the 8 million dollar prize fund is pretty appealing too!

Polo at Palermo, Argentina

Polo in Argentina is by far the best in the world and that is why the greatest players come from all over the world come to compete here, especially at the Argentine Polo Open Championships. Polo originated in England, but it was in Argentina that it became the great sport it is today. The championships are held annually at the Palermo Barrio and have been running since 1893.

American Football at The Super Bowl Sunday, United States

The championship game of the national football league is one of the greatest shows to ever behold. So many people try to see this event that tickets have cost upwards of a thousand dollars. The game itself is worth watching, but you will also get an opportunity to witness a half time show that is a spectacle not to miss.

Football at The World Cup

This is the most watched sporting event in the entire world with billions of viewers tuning in. To be a part of this spectacle is more than amazing. From the chanting to the cheering (just don’t mention the vuvuzela) and the festivals to the sheer excitement a true sport lovers event to be a part of.

The Olympics

This is by far the most historic event to ever grace the sporting world. From the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team to the 1980 miracle on ice the Olympics have held some of the most spectacular competitions in all of history. And who can forget the awesome London 2012 Olympic Games?!

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