Explore the Grand Canyon, USA

by Jules on December 21, 2011

Explore the mighty Grand Canyon, USA

There are many things to see and do in the 1.6 kilometer deep Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. Many people choose to visit the easily accessible South Rim. The overlooks on the South Rim can be reached by car, and are the choice viewing spot for most individuals who want to see the Grand Canyon, without much effort.

Those who are up for adventure can go view the Canyon from the North Rim. While it is only 16 kilometers across the Canyon, It is a 354 kilometer drive, or for those sturdy individuals a 34 kilometer hike through the North and South Kaibab trails that go through the Canyon. This trek can only be taken part of the year. In the winter season, which goes from late October to mid May, the road and trails are blocked by heavy snows and closed for safety.

Below the Rim is the Inner Canyon and it is full of adventure. One can take a mule or backpack to Phantom Ranch. For those water loving folk, there are river trips through the Colorado River. These trips can take a few days or up to three weeks. A short trip is impossible; The Grand Canyon does not have one day river trips. It is just too big!

If you want to hike from the South Rim to the North Rim, you can take the South Kaibab Trail. This trail has a narrow foot bridge that rises 21 meters above the Colorado River. The trail takes a vertical descent into the Canyon, but what goes down must come up. There is a climb of 1.6 kilometers. Most hikers decide that this trip should be an overnight one, so plan accordingly.

Those who aren’t able to make the hike can use the one and only way to cross by car. It is a 231 kilometer drive through the desert, so make sure your car is well maintained and bring plenty of water.

The North Rim is at a higher elevation than the South Rim. So, a reward awaits those who journey there; beautiful and spectacular views of the Grand Canyon below.

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