7 Extreme Machine Experiences in the World

by Jules on November 28, 2011

Try snowmobiling in Canada

Calling all adrenalin junkies! Check out these adventures with extreme machines; drive a tank, fly a helicopter and even try a zero-gravity flight! Lounging by the pool will never have the same appeal after these adventure activities;

Snowmobiling in British Columbia, Canada – Tried skiing – tick! Tried snowboarding – tick! Now try snowmobiling on the Pemberton ice Fields in British Columbia; hold on tight as these beasts can reach up to 120mph! Get off-track and hold on tight as the stunning Whistler ridges and valleys whistle past you!

Dune Bashing in Dubai, UAE – Dubai, the capital of glitz and luxury, also offers the tourists a thrilling adventure on the sands. Sit in a four-by-four SUV or a dune buggy that will churn its way through the dunes.

Drive a Supercar, Italy – What’s your supercar of choice? Lamborghini, Maserati or Aston Martin? Take your pick in Italy and then choose to strut your stuff on the winding test roads in Bologna or maybe even the Monaco and Imola race tracks! Make sure you check out Maranello, the home of Ferrari as well as the local wines, foods and stunning landscapes.

Tank Trips In Melbourne, Australia – Melbourne is a fascinating place that offers many scenic and spectacular sights and attractions. However, one can also enjoy the city in a different way. There is the option of a tank trip through the city’s districts and roads. You can sit behind a lumbering tank and make your way through the city in full-on style!

Jet Fighter Trips in Russia – Other than historic museums and legendary monuments, Russia also boasts hi-tech and supersonic jet fighters. Surely, nothing would be more thrilling and entertaining than sitting behind the controls of any Jet Fighter. In Russia, you can book a trip over the country inside a MIG 29 airplane. You will be assisted with a flight guide, who will guide you in the stunts and somersaults as well.

Helicopter Tours In Sydney, Australia – Sydney has so many legendary landmarks and buildings. Would you like to get a look at them from the skies above? Helicopter tours are available in the city. A one hour ride on the chopper will give you a full trip to the city’s looming buildings and monuments. So, it will be both thrilling and spectacular.

Ride a Harley Davidson across Texas, USA – A Harley Davidson motorcycle is a big, mean machine. However, if you think you’ve got enough spirit, take charge of a Harley Davidson yourself as you ride across Texas on an awesome ‘king of the road’ adventure!

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