4 Amazing Roadtrips to take in the world

by Jules on November 21, 2011

Touring an area, especially by vehicle, is the best way to take in the sites and surroundings of the area. When it comes to road trips, four distinct trips stand out as must see and must do excursions. Choosing one, or for the wanderlust, all can make your worldwide travels more unique and help you really get to see and experience the areas in a memory making manner. So hit your local vehicle hire company and hire an open top convertible sports car for the journey of your life;

1. United States West Coast – Traveling along the West Coast of the United States, primarily by traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway, afford you the chance to see an assortment of landmarks, sites, cites and areas. Starting in the south, the sites in San Diego set the stage for the scenic journey you are just beginning. As you travel north along PCH, you will pass miles of scenic coastline with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Mandatory stops to make along the 2,000 mile trek include the Santa Monica Pier, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Big Sur and Eureka.

2. United States East Coast – The East Coast of the United States offers a road trip option which spans from the historical areas in New England right down through the Deep South. Beginning in Maine, traveling south along I-95, stops to make and sites to explore include Cape Cod, New York City, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, historic colonial Williamsburg, the naval base in Norfolk, the southern hospitality of Savannah and the sun, sand and surf of Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

3. Southern England and Wales - For those traveling throughout Europe, and having some time in the United Kingdom; one road trip not to be missed is one touring the southern area of England and Wales. Driving the loop through the streets of London allows you to see Big Ben, Harrod’s infamous store, the British Museum which is home to the original Rosetta Stone, and the royal family’s residence at Buckingham Palace. If you then have time and head south towards Bath, you can take in sites such as Stonehedge and the Roman Baths Museum.

4. Canada – The Trans Canada Highway, which spans the length of Canada from the east to west; all along the southern section of the country, is an idea for those seeking to explore the northern neighbour to the United States. Located along the highway are many cities, all with ample tourist and lesser known attractions to make your trip special. Cities not be missed, to get the full feel and vibe of Canada, include Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Charlottetown, Fredericton and St. John’s.

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