Cuba; more than cigars, rum and music

by Jules on October 28, 2011

Cuba is a beautiful mosaic of historic cities, wondrous natural landscapes and fascinating culture. Despite its isolation from the U.S. and parts of the Western world, Cuba is without a doubt one of the world’s most beautiful countries. From the bustling streets of Havana to the miles of white sand on Varadero Beach, Cuba offers something for everyone. Whether you seek culture, history or natural beauty, this country delivers. Few other countries on Earth can match its blend of stunning natural landscapes and vibrant, cosmopolitan culture.

Cuba is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. It boasts a warm climate year round and abundant sunshine. Cuba is renowned for its beautiful beaches and rugged mountain ranges. Its people are friendly and welcoming to visitors. A largely isolated nation, it is slowly becoming more integrated into the global world.

Havana, Cuba’s capital and largest city, is well known for its beautiful architecture and vibrant nightlife. Havana plays host to a wealth of attractions and fascinating landmarks. These include La Habana Vieja, Cuba’s old town district. This neighbourhood is a fascinating mix of historic architecture, narrow streets and crowded shops. Other great attractions include Plaza de la Revolucion, the city’s central square and major tourism hub, and Plaza de Armas, a square ringed with beautiful Baroque buildings. Visitors should also check out the Cathedral deSan Cristobal, Castillo de la Real Fuerza, John Lennon Park and the Malecon, a seawall that provides stunning views of Havana’s coast. Havana is also known for its pulsing nightlife scene, vibrant art scene and colorful shops and restaurants.

Other fascinating cities worth a visit include the historic city of Baracoa, the beautiful seaside city of Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad, known for its beautiful colonial architecture.

Outside of its main cities, Cuba has much to offer. Visitors on their Cuba holidays can explore the stunning beaches of Varadero, visit the beautiful Vinales National Park and relax in the quaint countryside of Pinar del Rio. Activities such as bird watching, fishing, diving, hiking and swimming are all plentiful in Cuba. Cuba’s sheer beauty and culture make it a truly fascinating place to visit.

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