10 Awesome Safari Experiences

by Jules on June 24, 2011

Fancy a safari adventure?

There are some truly awesome safari destinations in the world and if you choose your location carefully you could witness the great wildebeest migration, spot the last of the mountain gorillas or enjoy a leopard safari;

Kruger National Park in South Africa - This is perhaps the safari destination that most people are familiar with. Many people head to South Africa to see the lions and the herds of buffalos. With nearly 150 mammal variety, it is an ideal place to go see wildlife.

Snow Hill Island in Antarctica – Located on an island of snow, this is definitely one cool safari! It is the safari adventure for those hoping to spend some time with emperor penguins in their natural habitat.

Great Serengeti Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania – For one of the greatest shows on earth head to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and witness the great annual wildebeest migration; the largest herd movement in the world!

Sailing Safari in Greenland – Greenland is the place for whale watching. Minke whales, beluga whales, fin whales, and humpback whales can all be found here. But that is not all that you will see as a sailing safari is also a good place to spot seals, polar bears and arctic wolves.

Leopard Safari in Tissa, Sri Lanka – Jump into a 4×4 and tackle the dirt tracks of the Yala National Park, which covers 378 square miles in Sri Lanka. Travellers will be rewarded with views of water buffalo, elephants, exotic birdlife and the main attraction; leopards.

Kakadu National Park in Australia – Kangaroos might be the Australian icon, but at the Kakadu National Park, the main stars of the safari are the alligators found in the Alligator Rivers.

Denali National Park in Alaska – This is the safari to go on in North America. Mountains, rivers, and wildlife is what makes the Denali National Park so memorable. Moose and caribous run wild and free in the area, and so do bears. This safari takes place on a dog sled, and it is sure to be one thrilling safari ride.

Dai Nam Van Hien Park in Vietnam – Head about 40km outside Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and you’ll come across Dai Nam Van Hien, Vietnam’s first safari park! Dai Nam Park is massive at around 450 hectares and sports an artificial sea complete with beaches and waves. There is also a shopping complex, theme park, water park and zoo!

Mountain Gorilla Safari in Uganda - Uganda is the only place left in the world for people to spot the magnificent mountain gorillas. With their total population less than 1000, the mountain gorillas are definitely an endangered species. Do not pass up the opportunity to see the mountain gorillas while they are still around.

Amazon River in Brazil – Head to the Amazon River when in Brazil to track Caimans (south American alligators) which are small but fierce! Head out at dusk to spot their eyes by torchlight and jump in and wrestle a Caiman at your own peril!

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