Travelling Ethically: How Best to Do It and Why You Should

by Jules on April 20, 2011

When you buy a flight, the surcharges and other fees that are levied on top can make the travelling experience a lot more expensive than you would have hoped. With the booming travel industry having an impact on the environment, trying to take an ethical approach to your family holidays with Onthebeach can reduce your carbon footprint, giving you that warm, tingly feeling of doing a good deed.

If you want to be on the beach, it’s firstly important to remember that you don’t have to go abroad to catch some rays. Britain has plenty of great seaside resorts for a staycation, such as Bournemouth, a beautiful resort with plenty to see and do. This eliminates the need for flights that pollute the environment, and you may even have the opportunity to travel without the car if you choose to use public transport. Did you know that there are frequent long-distance train journeys to Bournemouth every hour from Manchester Piccadilly? Because of the immense popularity of the south during bank holidays and scorching weekends, you could find booking a seat on these trains will be less hassle than sitting on the dreaded M6 in traffic.

For tourists who are insistent on travelling abroad, it is recommended that you travel ethically; you make reservations at a hotel with a strict environmental policy. Hotel Hellnar in Iceland describes itself as a venue that aspires to be a leader in sustainable tourism, and it aims to recycle all of its waste to reduce pollution and the materials that it sends to landfill. As well as continually reviewing its environmental policy every year to look for areas to improve upon, and a quest to find the finest locally-produced ingredients, these objectives have been proven to make the experience of visiting other countries more carbon neutral, particularly considering the size of this hotel and others like it.

Of course, if you are looking for further advice on how to travel ethically, make sure you consult some of the leading trade magazines in the industry. Most of these publications will compile an annual countdown of the brands that have the best ethical code of practice. Even better, many of these companies are rewarded for making their business operations fairer without making customers pay more for the privilege.

The advice of expert travel writers is simple: if you are going to travel abroad to unfamiliar cultures and locations, make sure that you learn the language in order to appreciate the ways that they help the environment. This will give you an ethical education that you just can’t find in the UK. By calculating the total carbon footprint of your flights, and donating money to environmental organisations that will plant trees based on the value of your donation, you will also offset the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It’s important to make sure you go on holiday, but it should be a priority to preserve our beautiful planet for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

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