7 Amazing Volunteering Opportunities

by Jules on February 23, 2011

You can make a difference.

Giving to others can fill your heart with the most wonderful feeling. Traveling to new places, meeting the locals who need your help, and giving your time can be the most rewarding thing you ever do. There are so many different ways you can help others, and some require nothing more than your presence and desire to make others happy. Here are just a few ways you can spread the love;

1. Worldwide – Turtle Teams Worldwide is a name given to the thousands of groups worldwide that have given their time to help endangered sea turtles. The nesting beaches are at risk, and any help you can give will help the threatened sea turtles stay off the endangered list for good.

2. Buenos Aires in Argentina is where you’ll find Voluntario Global, where you will embark on a 4-hour tour of shanty towns, and see the living conditions where your help is much needed. You can help provide children with a safe place to play, and aid locals with their small businesses.

3. If you visit DaNang, Vietnam and can spare some time, consider working with GVN, Global Volunteer Network at the Social Support Centre for disadvantaged people in DaNang. You could help with the babies and children in the orphanage or maybe teach English locally.

4. The Children’s Village in Africa needs your help to educate the gifted, but deprived, children. Teach them English, help with homework, sports and other activities. If you truly love to help children and have lots of energy, this is the place for you.

5. The United States has dozens of opportunities for you to help out. Volunteers of America, the Red Cross, and many others await your generosity. Help with the elderly, people with diabetes, people returning from prison, homeless individuals, the list goes on. Decide what you have to give, and find the place that needs it the most.

6. For the nature lover, check out Batreach, in Kuranda Australia. This is a hands-on experience you won’t soon forget. Care for orphaned bat babies, prepare their food, feed them, and gather foliage for the enclosures. Your stay will be free, just provide your own groceries.

7. In Beijing, China, volunteer at the orphanage and spread your love to the children who desperately need it. These children have special medical conditions, and range from 3 months to 6 years old. Play with them, cook dishes for them, sing songs and tell stories. Just brighten their day in every way you can. It will brighten yours as well.

There are too many people who are less fortunate and need our help to survive, or just to live a normal life. You can make a difference.

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