Giant pandas return to the UK

by Jules on January 14, 2011

Yum - here comes lunch!

Brilliant news for Panda-lovers this week as it was announced that China will send a pair of giant pandas to the UK. The pair Tian Tian (sweet) and Yangguang (sunlight) will live at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. Great timing as well as 2011 is the 50th anniversary of WWF, whose logo is the giant panda.

Tian Tian and Yangguang are a pair of breeding pandas born in 2003 and are set to cause ‘pandamania’ as soon as a date is agreed. The last panda in the UK was 17 years ago, when Ming Ming lived at London Zoo until she was returned to China in 1994.

If you can’t wait for the pandas to arrive we have posted a complete list of all 17 places to see giant pandas in the world. Let the pandamonium commence!

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