Where will you watch the Royal wedding?

by Jules on December 10, 2010

View of Westminster Abbey taken from the London Eye

So Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally set the date for their wedding, which will be held at Westminster Abbey. And London and the UK is anticipating a surge of incoming visitors around 29 April 2011. Some travel companies are even offering special wedding holiday packages so you can be in the center of all the action.

When the date was announced, flight comparison websites saw a surge in interest in flights to London.  Following the announcement, searches in The Netherlands rose by an amazing 708 percent and the US searches rose by 650 percent. These are the ten countries that recorded the biggest rises in searches for flights to Britain according to Skyscanner;

1. The Netherlands
2. United States
3. Germany
4. Croatia
5. Denmark
6. Cyprus
7. Austria
8. Italy
9. Switzerland
10. Spain

Image; Wikipedia

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