UK launch ultimate luxury vacations

by Jules on December 7, 2010

Enjoy a fairytale stay in London and the UK

Truly upgrade your next holiday with a super-luxurious option; stay in an opulent stately home or historic castle, shop at world famous stores or play a round of golf at renowned St Andrews. These “fairytale” breaks are all on offer and are set to be promoted by VisitBritain.

Choose your level of travel luxury from gold, platinum and black. Plump for gold for the most luxurious and showy of vacations, choose platinum for a slightly more low-key option and go for the black option for understated luxury.

You could soak up the culture in London with a backstage trip at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, followed by a shopping trip around Harrods. Then in the afternoon you could take a helicopter tour of London and enjoy vintage champagne and a sumptuous dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant.

Or maybe you could opt for a luxury Scottish break, living like a laird in a castle, playing golf by day and blending and tasting whisky by night. Get kitted out in a kilt and try the famous dish of haggis.

And if you’re a little stuck for a gift for your other half (and have a spare few thousand pounds) then this could be a truly unique gift!

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