Who are the Best Packers; Men v Women

by Jules on November 12, 2010

Who's the best traveler?

So we already know who the best travelers are, but who packs the most efficient and (in these days of airline luggage mega-charges) the lightest suitcase? Some interesting end-of-week statistics from 600 travelers from Holiday Extras to chew over;

- Yes women are more guilty of over-packing than men but 80% of men claim to return from vacation with more than 20% of their clothes unworn.
- Women typically return with only 10% of their clothes unworn.
- Pretty much as you’d expect, 25% of women packed from four to nine pairs of shoes in their luggage. And 7% even managed to pack ten pairs of shoes!
- Not surprising, 92% of men only took three or less pairs of shoes on vacation.
- More than half of men and women admitted that they packed more footwear than was actually needed. Never heard of a capsule wardrobe?

Wherever you’re going, make sure you pack smart  with our ultimate guide to travel packing, to keep those excess baggage charges down and create less clothes washing on your return!

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