Coming soon; National Curry Week 2010

by Jules on November 10, 2010

Are you a Korma connoisseur, Madras maniac or maybe a Dansaak devotee?  Whatever your favourite curry dish, there’s no excuse not to get stuck in for National Curry Week 2010.

Curry has been dubbed the national dish of Britain and the first curry house appeared in London’s West End more than 200 years ago. And during 21-27 November 2010 money raised from participating restaurants will help worthy causes, such as the Pakistan Flood Disaster Appeal.

Now in its thirteenth year, Curry Week is held annually and restaurants across the UK will be holding special events such as the World Poppadom Tower Record Attempt, where the current record of 450 will be challenged. The Samosa Speed Challenge will challenge chefs to fill, wrap and cook as many (edible) samosas as they can in 10 minutes. And patrons can take the Currybard of the Year test by composing a poem all about curry!

There are lots of restaurants participating nationally and to find your nearest restaurant as well as recipes, pictures and more about the Curry Tree Charitable Fund head to the National Eating Out website.

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