7 Hot Honeymoon Destinations In The World

by Jules on September 1, 2010

You’ve finally tied the knot with the love of your life. If you’re planning a tour abroad for your honeymoon, then do we have a list for you. We’ve tried to configure a list that keeps to the adventurous, the romantic and the solitary path. Additionally, we’ve made it convenient to rid yourself of your partner mid-honeymoon if you see fit. Jokes aside, here are some of the best places you and your partner can explore, together, forging a new life and a dream of unity and togetherness. There is no better way to do it than through a trip to one of our seven top honeymoon destinations. (Try not to mind the anti-nuptial sentiments strewn about.)

7. Egypt, North Africa -  “Love is blind, marriage is the eye-opener.” The honeymoon, then, should be something akin to sleepwalking. In Egypt, honeymoons can be a dreamy walk through a long though alive past. Who could ever forget a honeymoon to the pyramids or to the bustling Cairo? However, if you’ve got the time, try sailing in Aswan, or wildlife viewing in Giza, or a cruise on the Red Sea. Natural wonders, too, await your nuptial bliss in Sinai and Dehab. It’s really not a good idea to entomb your partner and leave them for hours, however.

6. India, Asia - “I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.” The jury is in and the verdict goes to India. Newlywed is considered a sacred tradition in India and if you’re in need of some mollycoddle, then you can’t pick a better country. If you like to party hardy on the beach under a full moon, Goa is your place. Or if you both desire traditional music, then sway to the sitar, sarod and tabla. Or head out to Jaisalmer for the Desert Festival or the Pushkar camel fair at the end of October. If you’re both adventurers, then you can’t go wrong heading to the Andaman Islands, where the rainbow of endemic fish surround you in curiosity. Just because you got hitched doesn’t mean you can hold your partner underwater for long stints at a time.

5. China, Asia – “A woman cries before the wedding, the man after.” You both will shed no tears (maybe jet lag tears however) once you land in China (maybe tears of joy to know the Russian-made plane stayed in air). A trip through China will fill up archives of photo albums, or that account you have with Flickr. Whatever the case, the coast and interior of China beckon for adventure and entices sightseeing. Of course you’ll see the Great Wall, but don’t miss a romantic cruise on the Li River—consummating your love should be done before, not on, the cruise. The giant Pandas are an anomaly (threaten to feed your mate to them) as are the Terracotta soldiers. If getting off the flattened tourist’s path is a must, head to the city of Riuli—an unruly and very “real” part of China.

4. Ethiopia, East Africa - “Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, platinum wedding ring and suffer-ring.” Ethiopia is like a circus because it has so much to see and do, with animals! Though brimming with some luxury resorts, you should come to Ethiopia if adventure is what you seek. In addition to trekking up and around several mountains over 4,000 meters, the Simien Mountains National Park is awe-inspiring with landscapes, canyons, escarpments and circumnavigating mountains. Photographs can only capture some of the grandeur. Wildlife includes the Walia Ibex, the Simien Fox, gelada baboons, and numerous birds. You should only send your spouse out alone if you never want to see them again (get travel insurance before you come).

3. Chile, South America – “The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.” The secret to a long lasting, happy marriage, however, is traveling. A tour to Chile is the adhesive that bonds memories for years to come. Chile is a place for adventurers, not for the slothful. The great outdoors is greater here with the Lake District, encircling national parks, alpine forests, lakes and volcanoes. The Parque Nacional Lauca, by example, makes the list for the UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve. Skiing, fishing, scuba diving, white-water rafting, and voyages to Antarctica are all highlights. Antarctica is one sensible way to rid husband or wife baggage (should you change your mind mid-honeymoon).

2. Tunisia, North Africa – “A wedding is a funeral where you smell your own flowers.” If you’ve never smelled a Middle Eastern medina, then you’re missing out. Wait till you smell and see the great outdoors, no less, than on the lakes near Chott El Jerid. Moreover, a coed or luxury or even local hammam will have you smelling clean for weeks. These hot baths are an experience for any traveler who hasn’t kept up with hygiene for a while. Golf, scuba diving, souq (outdoor market) shopping and visiting Ksour—the place where Star Wars was filmed for the odd hilltops in the area—spotlight a trip through Tunisia. A fated camel ride into the desert might be worth paying a guide a little extra tip should your better half get your better judgment.

1. Croatia, Europe – “If it were not for the presents, an elopement would be preferable.” An elopement in Croatia would be ideal for anyone not wanting to face friends and family back home. The museums, beaches and nature here are serene with plenty of history. If you’re into seafood and great eating, a trip to Volosko reveals a sampling of Croatia’s best. Plus, the town is just so serene. Additionally, the beach not to miss is the Golden Cape (Zlatni Rat), on Brac Island. Kitesurfers and windsurfers come to Brac to catch the rife winds and waves. If your love for the outdoors begins to outweigh your love for your partner, then head out bushwhacking and climbing in Risnjak National Park. For primitive though quant cottages, getaway from crowds in the Kornati National Park, an archipelago of nearly 100 most uninhabited islands.

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