10 Imaginative Ways to Save for a Holiday

by Jules on August 18, 2010

That dream holiday is within reach...

With a little bit of careful planning and creative thinking your next travel adventure could be even bigger and better with these imaginative ways to save up for that trip;

Set up a vacations saving account – Open a savings account solely for the purpose of that next trip. Try and get a decent level of interest on the account without locking your money away (unless you’ve already set your travel date and really don’t need the money before then). Many accounts will allow you to name them specially and if you’re going to use the account whilst actually travelling then check the overseas fees charges.
Save money every month – If you work regularly then set aside a set amount each month to add to the holiday savings fund. Better yet, organize a direct debit to go out as soon as you get paid – you won’t miss it then! If you don’t work regularly just set aside a certainly percentage of what you do receive. And get kids in the saving habit as well by saving up their pocket money for souvenirs etc. Better still, encourage them to do extra chores, either for you or in the neighborhood such as newspaper deliveries, car washing, lawn mowing etc.
Give up nasty habits – If you smoke or drink then what better incentive to give up than allocating the money saved into the holiday pot! Same goes for that newspaper or magazine you buy but never have time to read – it all adds up over the course of a year.
Raid the piggybank – Stash all of your spare change in the penny jar and after a few months this will soon mount up. Many supermarkets have machines to convert it although watch out for those that charge a fee. Better still, pay the money straight into your bank account.
Work out your budgets – Sounds pretty dull but knowing the state of finances can help you sleep a bit easier. Work out your home budget on a spreadsheet; money coming in then money going out each month on bills, mortgage, food etc. This will show you where you can make cutbacks and also how much you can realistically save each month – warning, this might be quite an eye opener! And secondly plan a vacation budget so you know how much money you’ll need to save. Factor in flights, accommodations, trips, food, airport parking, pet care etc. And read up on how to save money on every vacation.
Wedding gift – If you’re getting married then why not ask for contributions to the honeymoon instead? Chances are if you already live together you’ll have enough cutlery and bed sheets and could do without that Panini maker!

Win it – There are plenty of travel competitions out there which offer the opportunity to travel the world!  The PureTravel Travel Writing Competition is still open and the top prize of 1,500 USD for local tours and 750 USD for flights will get you on your way to an amazing vacation!

Marry overseas – Why not get married abroad and combine it with an awesome honey-cation at the same time! There are many companies that organize the whole package, so you can just turn up. Better still is to elope and throw a party on your return.
If you don’t need it, sell it – Check out the online auction websites to shift all your unwanted stuff. Clear out your garage, loft, basement etc. Or hold a yard sale or take a pitch at a local car boot sale.
Volunteer – Consider a voluntourism holiday where you can share accommodation with the other volunteers and all chip in with the cooking. You’ll get to go somewhere off the beaten path and try something different and you’ll only have to find the funds for flights and the basics.

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