How to Choose the Right Hotel for You

by Jules on June 1, 2010

How about a hotel room with an awesome view?

Your choice of vacation accommodation can make or break your entire trip. Make the wrong choice and you could be miles away from all the action or stuck in a dingy, damp hell hole. Make the right choice and you could secure the best deal in a luxury hotel and have the best holiday ever. Follow our tips and bag yourself the break you want;

Compare Prices – Shop around for the best prices on hotel stays at several different comparison sites. Don’t forget to contact hotels directly as they may offer better rates when booking direct. Look out for multiple night discounts and sign up to hotel emails which will alert you to the best deals first. You could even pedal for your supper!
Hotel Facilities – Decide what hotel facilities and amenities you need, for example, will you really use the plush gym suite every day? Book a hotel with the facilities that you’ll actually use so that you’re not paying for things you just don’t need.
Meals – Consider how much meals will cost locally and consider upgrading to a meal plan to the hotel. For example in Asia meals can be bought incredible cheaply so it’s pointless paying 15 USD for a breakfast! But some destinations may be more expensive and set meals could be a good option.
Hotel Locations – Check out the local transport links and consider where you need to stay. Rooms in the center of big cities will probably be smaller with fewer facilities but closer to the action.  Rooms on the outskirts may be quieter and have more space for leisure facilities. Some comparison sites show hotels on maps for ease of use.
Local Hotels – Skip the big chains and soak up the atmosphere that smaller accommodation offers or maybe stay at one of the world’s strangest hotels.
Family Friendly – Research the hotels that are more suitable for your party. If you’re traveling as a family you won’t appreciate a party atmosphere with a late night nightclub on site.
Research – Check out online hotel reviews, travel forums and also ask around amongst family and colleagues for feedback and pointers on destination and hotels. And read our guide on how to save money on travel accommodation.
Just Ask – You could always try good old-fashioned asking – try asking for a free upgrade or a free meal thrown in, especially if you’re a regular visitor or you are celebrating a special occasion.
Go Direct – Consider whether booking accommodation and tours together is a better option, for example all of the tours on PureTravel go direct and save money.
Loyalty – If you’re a frequent traveler look into joining a loyalty scheme and see if there are any tie-ins with frequent flier schemes, which could all add up to some healthy savings.

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