How to Save Money on Travel Accommodation

by Julia on April 12, 2010

Your accommodation of choice?

Get planning your next adventure holiday and make sure you get a good deal on your travel accommodation with our tips and advice;

1. Rent A Villa – Take the option of a villa rental which could work out more cheaply than ever thanks to a surge of properties now being rented out.
2. Research Holiday Accommodation – Get more details on your vacation accommodation than a few glossy photos – find out what amenities are nearby, what there is to do etc. A great place to start is the PureTravel Specialist Accommodation Database which lists lodges, camps, ranches, yachts and villas where you can be based for your whole trip.
3. Go Self Catering – Take the self catering option with a stay in apartments, villas or a house swap and you can cook your own meals.
4. Stay In A Hostel – Another accommodation option is to stay in a hostel, which have come a long way over the last few years and tend to be centrally based with great rates.
5. Just Ask – Ask accommodation providers for a discount, something free or some extras thrown in. Some rental owners are more than happy to throw in free housekeeping, a welcome pack or even the use of a vehicle.
6. Get It In Writing – And once you secure that mega-deal, make sure you get it in writing to safeguard your holiday.
7. Accommodation Insurance – Think of all the things that could go wrong; property damage, medical evacuation, human errors, redundancies, bad weather delays etc. Whilst still pretty unlikely it does pay to be prepared, so make sure you have adequate travel insurance.
8. Try Couch Surfing – Why not try a house swap or couch surfing on your next trip for a more realistic (and cost effective) experience.
9. Get Off The Beaten Track – Tired of going to boring destinations? Then do some research before you go with these handy travel guides to every country in the world! And check out some of the more up and coming destinations (rather than tourist hotspots) to secure even cheaper accommodation.
10. Don’t Stay Centrally – Accommodation that is right in the middle of all the action will command higher rates, so stay just outside of the big cities or popular tourist areas.
11. Try Camping – Check out campsites as a cheaper travel accommodation alternative.
12. Share – If you’re traveling as a group then it makes sense to share rooms and accommodation to secure the best discount. Do check though as some properties may charge per person.
13. Reviews – Ask friends, family and colleagues for their recommendation and check out some of the online review websites and forums for feedback.
14. Compare – Use hotel and accommodation comparison websites to make sure you’re paying the best price.
15. Recommend and Repeat – If you’re a repeat visitor ask for some freebies or a discount and likewise if you make a recommendation which results in a booking, there is no harm in asking for a referral fee.

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