Track Real Time Airplane Traffic

by Julia on March 10, 2010

Website we love!

The PureTravel team is just a little bit addicted to a newly launched website where you can track real time aircraft journeys. RadarVirtuel covers Europe at the moment and in the screen grab above you can see details for 742 airplanes!

RadarVirtuel was created by a bunch of aviation enthusiasts and the site plots information such as the speed, altitude or the call sign of aircraft, all on Google Maps. The screen constantly refreshes and users can filter the information and customize the screen to show their chosen tags. Users can also control and contribute under the tabs.

RadarVirtuel’s goal was to make as much real-time airplane traffic coverage available online as possible. The information can be used for locating an airplane for personal or business purposes, computing statistics etc.

All we know is that RadarVirtuel it is quite addictive especially as you can zoom right into your own location and see just who is flying over your head!

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