How to leave your job and tour the world

by Julia on January 29, 2010

There's a whole world out there waiting for you...

Do you yearn for more than your usual stale package holidays and want to break free from the set annual holiday allowance? Then why not just quit your job and go traveling around the world on a mega adventure holiday? Sounds pretty drastic but if you don’t have any big commitments and the idea is gnawing away at you, then now could be the time to do it!

Before You Go

Chances are that half the people you tell about your plans may think you’re crazy and the other half probably wished they’d done it before they got saddled with kids and a huge mortgage.  Well if you’re lucky enough not to have any big commitments, or can delay them for the duration of your trip, then you really have no excuses. Yes you will miss people, possessions and the latest TV shows, but so what? There’s a whole world out there and you need to get out and see it. Pick people’s brains for travel tips and advice so you’re in the know – travel planning is everything!.

Talking of possessions, pack very wisely indeed. That backpack and you are going to spend every waking minute (and maybe every sleeping minute too) together so you need to keep your stuff to a minimum. Check the airline’s baggage limit, which is normally pretty tight anyway, especially if you’ve booked cheap flights. Take only essentials and buy clothes out there. You can pick up cheap clothing throughout the world and you’ll blend in more. Pack a capsule backpack which can see you through a few days, so a few t-shirts, underwear, jeans etc. Layer your clothes up to allow for the climates you’re heading for.

Do think about travel insurance for your possessions and if you should become ill abroad. If you can make space in your backpack for a basic first aid kit then this could prove invaluable.

And as for actually quitting your job, talk to your boss. They could offer to keep your job open for you and class it as a sabbatical, although it’s fair to commit to how long you’ll be gone. They might agree to some time off unpaid or offer you a new role when you return. Of course if you absolutely hate your job then this is a great opportunity to start afresh.

When You’re There

Really get to know the local people, customs and culture. Most people will be friendly and will be genuinely interested in where you’re going and what you’re doing. You’ll also meet fellow travelers and can buddy up with them if you’re traveling alone. If you’re traveling as a group or a couple then make sure you also integrate with other people or you’ll pretty soon become sick of the sight of each other!

Respect the local customs and beliefs and do your research before you go. Read up on plenty of travel guides and aim to blend in and not stick out like an awkward tourist. And stay healthy, watch out for the common travel diseases and more importantly how to avoid them.

Brush up on your cooking skills before you head off so that you can create quick, tasty and nutritious food on your travel adventure. It’ll save you a fortune on restaurants and will impress your companions.

Take loads of photos and videos and create a travel blog whilst you’re traveling. You can also kill some time waiting in airports updating your travelog, especially if the internet connection is free! You’ll make everyone back home really jealous and you’ll have a great memento when you do return.

Unfortunately you will come across fraudsters and scam artists on your travels so trust your instincts and use common sense. Read up on advice to prevent theft on your travels.

When/If You Get Home

If you do decide to go home, then keep your travel memory alive. Revisit your travel blog, host themed evenings and best of all, plan your next getaway!

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