Watch Out For Wolf Spiders

by Julia on September 17, 2009

Watch out for wolf spiders on your next far flung trip!

I don’t know about you but when I head off on holiday the only spiders I want to see are preferably dead and preserved in a display case. Well imagine on your next far flung exotic holiday coming across a massive hairy meat-eating wolf spider!

This could be a reality thanks to global warming which scientists say is causing spiders to grow bigger and in particular the scary sounding hairy meat-eating wolf spiders which are described as robust and agile hunters and they have eight eyes! The females are particularly benefitting from earlier springs and later winters.

So next time you scream like a girl at the tiny spider in the bathtub, just remember the wolf spider that could be lurking. Don’t kill the spider, put it outside instead and you might avoid bad spider karma!

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