How To Avoid Piling On The Pounds On Holiday

by Julia on September 4, 2009

Get stuck into the local produce - try some of the famous durian fruit!

Don’t risk coming back from holiday several pounds heavier. Follow our tips and you will still be able to get back into your traveling clothes at the end of your holiday;

Plan Ahead – Plan your meal times throughout a day so that you are eating little and often. Small meals or snacks are better than having one huge blowout meal. If you’re out and about on a tour pack portable foods like bananas, packets of dried fruit, nuts and snack bars. If you’re going on an all-inclusive holiday make sure you avoid the chips and fried food (at least for a few meals) and get stuck into the fresh local fruit, salad and vegetables instead.

Eat Fresh – Substitute the fatty processed meal options with some good fresh produce, whether you source it at a local market if you’re self catering or a restaurant. Being in a different country is a great opportunity to try all the local fruit and different fresh foods. A good tip is to also request a vegetarian meal on your flight which tends to be a healthier option.

Balance Your Plate – No this is not a form of beachside entertainment! Try to ensure that each meal consists of a balance of carbohydrates, vegetables/salad/fruit and protein. Mix up the different food groups as well so you don’t eat the same food at each meal.

Drink Lots – This only applies to water! You need to keep your fluid levels topped up throughout the day, especially if you’re in a hot destination. Do not get dehydrated as you will feel miserable and unfortunately the beer and cocktails at the bar will not do your travel health any favors. Limit your alcohol intake and alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks.

Try to add some exercise in as well, walking around the sights counts as does the action and adventure activities. Check out our advice on What To Pack In A Holiday First Aid Kit and How To Be A Healthy Traveler.

And add your tips for eating healthily on holiday in the comments section…

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