14 Weird Items Left In Hotel Rooms

by Julia on August 26, 2009

Maybe this charmer is now missing his snake?

Most of us probably forget the odd pair of underpants or maybe even an earring whilst staying at a hotel, but check out this list for a run down of the weird and wonderful items left behind by hotel guests in the UK;

1. Artificial limbs
2. Wok
3. Corpse
4. Porsche 911 car keys
5. Inflatable sheep
6. Six foot helicopter
7. FA cup final tickets
8. False teeth
9. Showjumping horse
10. X-Rays
11. Glass eye
12. Six foot snake
13. Life size skeleton
14. Pet tarantula

If you have any weird or bizarre additions to this list, please leave your comments below. Thanks to the Telegraph for the info.

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