What To Pack In A Holiday First Aid Kit

by Julia on August 17, 2009

Eating unsual food could have you reaching for the indigestion remedies!

If you’re heading off on holiday soon then make sure that you follow our tips on How To Pack Smart This Holiday then also follow our guide on how to pack a first aid kit, which might just be a lifesaver! Stock up before you go in case some things aren’t available where you’re going and so that you can read the label in your own language and so you don’t have to mime your ailment to someone who doesn’t speak your language!

Basics – Get yourself a small plastic tub or a waterproof pouch to store all your items in one place. You can buy ready-made kits and make sure there are enough plasters of all shapes and sizes, bandages and antiseptic wipes and cream.

Sunscreen – Make sure you pack enough sunscreen and consider what SPF you will need. Aftersun lotions are also a good backup product to pack.

Painkillers – If you’re heading off on an action and adventure holiday consider packing some painkillers just in case. Of course they will also come in handy for any hangovers you might encounter.

Travel Sickness – If any of your travel party suffers from travel sickness then make sure you’re armed with some remedies. A few small bags, tissues and wipes are also handy in case a little accident does happen!

Hayfever – If you suffer from hayfever then make sure you buy products that you get on with before you travel, such as antihistamine tablets and creams.

Repellents – Check if you need to take anti-malaria tablets before you travel and always carry some insect repellent wipes, spray or cream when you’re on the move. Shame they don’t repel all irritating holiday creatures though!

After Bite – If you do get bitten then you’ll be pleased you packed an anti-itch ointment or a cream.

Anti-fungals – Add an anti-fungal cream or treatment to your first aid kit in case athlete’s foot or a nasty rash should flare up.

Indigestion – Don’t suffer on holiday, pack some antacids, heartburn and indigestion remedies. Likewise pack some medicines in case of diarrhoea so you are well equipped as this is one illness you probably don’t want to have to mime!

Prescription Medicines – Make sure you stock up on your prescription medicines in good time before you travel including asthma inhalers and also the contraceptive pill.

Condoms – Make sure you practice safe sex on holiday and carry enough condoms to see you through your travels! If you do need to buy more whilst away (lucky you) make sure you buy them from a reputable shop.

Remember, a first aid kit is for life, not just for holiday! Keep an eye on the expiry dates and the first aid kit could prove to be invaluable.

Always consult a pharmacist or doctor for any medical questions you may have.

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