All Aboard Pet Airways [VIDEOS]

by Julia on July 15, 2009

A husband and wife team has just launched flights dedicated to carrying pets. Pet Airways, currently only serving the US, carries cats and dogs but no human passengers. Instead of seats there are rows of cages in the converted aircraft and there is also a pet pre-flight lounge.

For pet owners this service will be sure to add peace of mind for their furry friend. Most airlines only allow small pets in carriers to be placed under seats and large pets have to ride in the cargo hold with luggage.

The average ticket price is $250 and flights currently serve Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles and is sold out for its first two months. Onboard attendants regularly monitor the pets to ensure they arrive in peak condition to start their adventure vacation.

We’d like to know if there is a choice of inflight meal; rabbit or maybe some tasty beef in jelly. Is there inflight entertainment, maybe a good film; Hotel For Dogs, Space Buddies or Marley and Me?

If you’ve used the Pet Airways service or you have feedback, please leave us a comment below.

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