The 12 Most Beautiful Beer Labels Around The World [PICS]

by Julia on July 1, 2009

Just about every country in the world worships the awesome beverage of beer! But the question is, which country has the most beautiful beer labels in the world? Time to find out with our picture guide…

3 Beautiful Beer Labels

1. Hoegaarden Verboden Vrucht, Belgium – A great Adam and Eve type image on the label – I’m sure a few people would appreciate a naked body to admire with their beer!
2. Nieuw Ligt Dutch Beer – A robust lady to go with a robust beer maybe?
3. De Zeezuiper Beer, Belgium – Suggestions in comments section please for what these two guys are up to! Looks like a tug-of-war game to me…

3 More Beautiful Beer Labels

4. Cuvee Des Trolls Beer, Belgium – Maybe this is what you could look like after too many of these?
5. Chalky’s Bite, UK – Beer in homage to a naughty Jack Russell dog – how noble! (And tasty!) RIP Chalky
6. Antarctica Beer Brazil – What are those bizarre shapes on the label meant to be?

3 More Stunning Beer Labels

7. Delirium Tremens Beer, France – I’d be ‘deliriously’ happy to drink this beer!
8. Yorkshire Warrior Beer, UK – Actually produced for the Yorkshire Regiment and guaranteed to turn you into a warrior (maybe).
9. Eau Benite Beer, Quebec, Canada – A heavenly beer indeed!

3 More Awesome Beer Labels From Around The World

10. Sesquicentennial Ale, Oregon, USA – Try saying that name when you’ve had a few to drink!
St Bernardus Abt 12 Beer, Belgium – If the monk says go ahead, who are we to argue?
12. Chocolate Bock Beer, Boston, USA – Chocolate, honey and vanilla flavors – sounds great for a sweet snack, but in a beer?

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