3 Bizarre Festivals Of The Week

by Julia on June 15, 2009


At PureTravel we’re suckers for weird and bizarre festivals across the world. And the Baby-Leaping Festival, where the Devil leaps over a row of babies, which on paper seems a health and safety nightmare, is happening right now in Spain!

Castrillo de Murcia in Spain is the setting for El Colacho which is famous for grown men dressing up as the Devil and vaulting over a row of babies which are lying in the street. The festival forms part of the Corpus Christi celebrations and represents evil and the subsequent cleansing of souls.

Today is also the National Sand Drawing Festival on Epi Island, Vanuatu in the South Pacific, which highlights the Vanuatu culture. This is a major cultural event across the archipelago and the different islands take it in turns each year to host the sand drawing. You are only allowed to use one finger to create your sandy work of art.

Tela in Honduras is the setting for the annual Fiesta of San Antonio where the town explodes into a massive parade led by the fireman’s corps and festival queen. The week long festival begins at 4am and features eating contests, races and snooker competitions, sound like great fun for all the family!

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