7 Great Countries To Move To

by Julia on June 11, 2009


Have you ever dreamed of leaving your home country behind and starting a new life somewhere else? Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a new city or town whilst travelling and fancy relocating? We’ve taken a look around at some possible destinations and weighed up the options for you. Don’t forget if you’ve already been there and done that, do let us know in the comments.

Singapore – The small state of Singapore is incredibly clean (no chewing gum allowed) and very efficient with a population of 4.5 million. Property can be expensive but unemployment and crime rates are low. Education and healthcare are top class and the lifestyle is very cosmopolitan. Take your pick from lively bars and quality restaurants, whilst also making time for the culture of Chinatown, colonial history and architecture and amazing shopping options.

Italy – Home to an abundance of culture and history, Italy could be an ideal relocation destination, with its population of 61 million, including 3 million foreign inhabitants. Renting property isn’t cheap but there are jobs around so long as you speak Italian. Crime has fallen and the winters short and the summers long. The lifestyle is incredibly appealing with a rich cornucopia of opera, designer shopping and famous Italian food.

Australia – An established favorite to relocate to, Australia has a fantastic education system and a wonderful outdoor lifestyle. With a population of just 22 million, you’ll easy escape the bigger cities if you head into the rural areas. There’s plenty of action and culture on offer although the summer temperature in Australia can reach the balmy heights of 50 degrees C.

USA – You’ll be spoilt for choice of where to relocate to in America. With a population of 306 million you can choose from famous cities such as New York to Los Angeles to rural towns and villages. Unemployment figures are currently rising and the schools can be difficult to get into and are very security conscious. Health insurance is expensive and crime rates vary from area to area. Beer is cheap and there is every kind of activity and adventure you could wish for with some amazing National Parks.

New Zealand – Head to the wide expanse of New Zealand with its population of just 4.3 million and where renting property is cheaper than other places. There are great employment opportunities for skilled people, although there are no so many vacancies in the rural areas, unless you have experience of sheep farming maybe! The senior education is top quality, there is a good standard of healthcare and there is loads to see and do in your leisure time such as hiking, kayaking and fishing.

Canada – A huge country with just 32 million inhabitants and an abundance of natural sights makes Canada a good choice. Property can be reasonably priced, the crime rate is in decline although the winters can be bitterly cold. There are great skiing opportunities in The Rockies and there are stunning landscapes and animal life galore.

France – If you fancy relocating to France you’ll get a great quality of life with some incredible food and drink along with the 66 million inhabitants. Property prices can be low and English speaking people can find employment. The French healthcare system is considered the best in the world and of course the fine French food and wine is globally renowned. The landscape is also diverse from the Alps with its skiing and winter sports to the chic Riviera.

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