Sheep Festival v Lawn Mower Championships

by Julia on May 21, 2009

Do NOT mention those two little words (mint sauce) Just do NOT mention those two little words…

The merits of sheep versus a lawn mower to keep the garden lawn situation under control has long been debated, but now the two go head to head in the contest for most bizarre festival award of the day!

Cameroon in Central Africa is today celebrating the descent of the sheep herds from the mountains with their Sheep Festival. We’re not sure whether they eat them or worship them but the festival forms part of the Ascension Day traditions.

Meanwhile, over in Krautsand in Germany, the Lawn Mower World Championships is underway where tractor-size vehicles go head-to-head. Krautsand Island is about 60 miles north of Hamburg and what started as a bet is now a full-on lawn mower-fest. They take it so seriously that 8,000 spectators will risk getting ‘mown’ down just to watch!

Take your pick – sheep versus lawn mowers – just nobody mention mint sauce please!

By Julie Bowman

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