How To Pack Smart This Holiday

by Julia on May 12, 2009

We’ve all heard of the cliché when the suitcase is just far too stuffed you literally have to sit on it to get it zipped up! Well it’s happened to me and so I thought I’d share some top tips with you to avoid the excess luggage fees and carting more stuff around when you don’t need to, especially if you have to lift and tug your own suitcase!

1. Check the weather before you go and pack accordingly. If it’s a tropical location you probably won’t need that wool coat!
2. Likewise do some research on your destination. Is it formal or relaxed? What do local people where? Don’t cart that ball gown/dinner jacket half way around the world if you’re heading to a casual resort.
3. Make a last minute to-pack list. It sounds obvious but I have forgotten various chargers, toothbrush and even vital underwear! Don’t panic though, if you have forgotten the essentials stock up at the airport and/or in your destination.
4. Try to pack a capsule wardrobe. Try to imagine your outfits and ensure all items go with each other. A popular choice is to pack black and white separates and a few color pieces, which will all work together.
5. How many days are you going for? If you’re going for 7 days then you certainly don’t need to pack 14 t-shirts! In reality you can wear things more than once. To travel really light take some travel washing detergent with you or seek out a local launderette. It’s probably not worth splurging on hotel dry-cleaning just for your underwear though!
6. The same goes for footwear. If you are in a hilly resport with lots of steps it might be wise to leave the stilettos at home! Flips-flops and casual shoes are great for walking distances and enables you to shop for longer!
7. Take travel size versions of your toiletries and don’t carry them in your hand luggage, as there are currently restrictions on carrying liquids. Or you could try to go au-natural – make up and toiletry wise only!
8. Roll your clothes up rather than folding them to save space and prevent creases.
9. Remember the key rule – the less you take, the more souvenirs and shoppingyou can bring back!

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