Nothing is more exciting for a coffee-lover than heading somewhere that embodies the same passion for a good brew. Throughout the world, many places present their coffee uniquely and excitingly.

From the main coffee producers to the culinary artists, here are five countries to visit if you are a coffee addict.


Columbia is one of the leading coffee-growing countries in the world. In recent years, this South American destination has become more of a tourist hotspot. Many safety concerns have become localized, and adventurers can enjoy this extraordinary country’s cultural delights.

Columbian coffee is probably what you’re using in your single serve brewer already (see Coffee or Bust – best single serve coffee maker recommendations for more). However, you won’t want to miss the Parque del Cafe— A.K.A. The National Coffee Park— on your adventures south. At this park, you can stroll through coffee fields, taste traditional brewing methods, and use all that caffeine to enjoy the rides.


Turkish coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience. Coffee played a significant role in Turkey’s history. It was the first country to open up coffee houses, and women in the middle ages were legally allowed to divorce their husbands for failure to provide adequate coffee.

Visit a traditional coffee house in Istanbul to treat yourself to this national delicacy. Turkish coffee is served with a glass of water to cleanse your palate. The grounds aren’t filtered and settle at the bottom of the cup. You’re meant to sip slowly and enjoy the company while experiencing this tradition.


France is the world leader in taking something great and making it even better. If you like fancy coffee drinks, thank France for the Café au Lait— coffee with hot milk. Pair this with some fine French baking, and you’ve got yourself a vacation your palate will love.

Fortunately, small, gourmet cafes are on every corner in Paris. Grab a macaron, a croissant, an eclair, or all three and enjoy a rich, creamy coffee.


Ethiopia is credited with being the place where it all started. They’re the purveyors of Arabica coffee and still stick to many of the traditional rituals surrounding this world-famous beverage. While a traditional coffee ceremony can take hours to complete, it’s well worth doing it once in your life.

The coffee you’ll be enjoying is called Buna. This rich beverage is often served with butter rather than milk or cream and has salt as a side rather than sugar. Don’t worry, though— thanks to the influx of Italian immigrants a few decades ago, you can get sugar at most coffee houses.

During the ritual, the hostess will process the raw beans from scratch. The guests will end up drinking three cups of coffee, each with spiritual significance, before complimenting the hostess on a job well done and sealing their friendship.


Like France, Italy took a good thing and made it even better. Lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso are all Italian delights. Espresso shots are best done standing at a bar and mingling with the locals. Make coffee a part of your overall dining experience by drinking it with tiramisu!

Wherever you go in the world, they likely have their own coffee traditions to experience. Make it a travel goal to have a sip of local brew in every country you visit.


The vacation industry was ground to a halt due to the coronavirus. Cruises were hit especially hard. Due to their negligence, some cruise ships, including Royal Caribbean, are facing class action lawsuits for not taking steps to protect passengers and employees from the coronavirus.

The good news is that the cruise lines will be required to submit a plan to the CDC for moving forward in the age of COVID-19 in order to operate again, airlines are putting social distancing into place, and hotels are prepared to disinfect and sanitize nearly every inch of their properties. With these adjustments, we will be able to travel again.

That doesn’t mean the coronavirus is going away! Just because you manage to go on vacation doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. If you do start to feel under the weather, this is what you should do.

Know How You Can Get Tested

If you’re beginning to show signs of illness and you suspect that you might have COVID-19, you may want to get tested. Unfortunately, getting tested isn’t easy.

First, take a look at the CDC’s recommendations for who should get tested to see if you would qualify. If you think you should be tested, call a local health care provider and ask them how you should proceed. They may direct you to a nearby hospital or clinic.

If you are unable to get tested while you’re on vacation, it’s best to assume you have it and to follow the remaining tips on this list.

Quarantine Yourself in Your Room

If you find out you have the coronavirus, or you simply suspect that you might, you should begin quarantining yourself in your room. You should avoid common areas in the hotel and have food delivered and left outside your door.

Being stuck in your room isn’t the ideal situation, but there are ways you can make it fun. Things you can do in your hotel room to pass the time include things like:

  • Take a long, hot bath

  • Reach out to friends and family on the phone or video chat

  • Get creative by drawing or editing the photos on your computer

  • Invent games, like crumpled paper basketball

  • Read a book or look through your favorite magazines

  • Spend the day watching a movie marathon

Notify the Hotel Staff

It is important to notify the hotel staff if you aren’t feeling well. They may normally want to stop by and clean the room, but they definitely shouldn’t if you’re quarantining yourself.

The hotel staff may also be able to help. If they know you’re sick, they can provide you with things to keep you busy, and they may also be able to connect you with local resources. For example, they can give you the number for the local grocery story that delivers so you aren’t dependent on takeout for every meal of the day.

Wear a Mask When You Are Around Others

You should say out of the main parts of the hotel as much as possible, but if you do have to take the elevator to do laundry or go down to the front desk, it is extremely important that you wear a mask.

Although a mask isn’t going to protect you from getting sick, it can protect others around you from getting infected if you are sick. By wearing a mask, you can potentially save the lives of hotel employees and other guests in the hotel.

If you’re vacationing with others, it’s important to wear a mask all the time. If you have the money in your budget, you may want to consider getting a separate room for others in your party to help prevent them from getting sick.

Find a Way to Get Back Home, If You Can

If you only planned on being gone for a few days, the last thing you want to do is prolong your vacation stuck in a hotel room. Quarantining yourself this way can be expensive, and it’s not very comfortable. Chances are, you would feel a lot better if you were able to recover at home.

If getting back home requires a trip on an airplane, you should stay put. If you drove to your destination instead, you may want to consider driving home. Just be careful. Driving with an illness can be quite dangerous, so you should only drive yourself if you have minor or no symptoms. If you really aren’t feeling well, you may want to ask another member of your party if they would be willing to drive you home.

Ask for Refunds

If you get sick on vacation, there are going to be plenty of things you’re going to have to cancel. Fortunately, in the age of coronavirus, it’s easier than ever to get a refund.

If you purchased tickets to theme parks, shows, or any other kind of event, give them a call. Chances are, they will be willing to refund your money. Even airlines are required to issue refunds if you have to cancel your flight for any reason!

Get Plenty of Rest

Before the coronavirus, you may have been tempted to find a way to salvage your vacation, which might have meant lounging by the pool or going out for ice cream, even if you don’t feel that good.

Those are definitely things you shouldn’t do in today’s world. If you’re sick, don’t look for ways to modify your schedule so you can make it work. Instead, you should really focus on getting well. Not only so your condition doesn’t get worse, but also so you don’t end up infecting anyone else.

Stay in your hotel room, sleep when you can, and try and get home as quickly as possible without endangering anyone else.

Getting sick on vacation has never been fun, but it’s especially scary now that coronavirus is part of our lives. With these tips, you’ll know exactly what to do if you start feeling under the weather while you’re away from home.


Top Eight Fishing Spots in the UK

by Julia on May 15, 2020

When it comes to fishing in the UK, locations are more important than equipment and skills. You must select the right fishing area to have the greatest success in fishing. It is difficult to find an Englishman who does not love fishing; it is in their veins. It is the century-long culture of enjoying a holiday.

Other than fishing location, equipment, and techniques, you need a quality fishing boat for a day-long venture. Fishing boats have three main variants according to their fishing needs: artisanal, commercial, and recreational fishing. Furthermore, fishing vessels or boats have even more variations in terms of shape, size, and model.

 For fishing, you can buy either brand new or used fishing boats. These boats may cost from ten thousand pounds to over one fifty thousand pounds. You can buy them from vendors offering fishing boats for sale online. Choose the most affordable boat to suit your needs. After picking a boat, it’s time to explore exciting destinations for fishing in the UK.

1. Windermere Lake

Windermere Lake is the biggest natural lake in England. It is situated in the Lake District National Park of Cumbria. This ribbon lake formed due to glacial troughs of the current interglacial period. This is also the hotspot of millions of tourists to unwind through outdoor sports, water sports, fishing, and much more. You will also find traditional pubs and restaurants for the best holiday experiences.

Lake Windermere is also a great place for swimming. This is also one of those lakes in three-lake challenges under English channel rules. Furthermore, this lake is a nirvana for anglers. Its aquatic diversity is rich with perch, pike, eels, salmon, trout, arctic char, and more. Other than fishing, you can witness its rich wild biodiversity like red squirrel, otters, osprey, red kite, and more.

2. Ramsgate

Ramsgate is a seaside town in eastern Kent. This place is popular for its coastline tourism and fishing. The royal harbor of Ramsgate is popular for sea fishing sports. Moreover, Ramsgate has a maritime museum to preserve its long history of sea fishing at kent.

You will find hundreds of chartered boats and fishing vessels in Ramstag harbor. It’s quite usual to find pollock, rays, plaice, and cods in its coastline territories. Also, you can find school sharks weighing nearly fifty pounds or more. Other than boats, you can fish from the pier to catch pouting, wrasse, eel, and more.

3. Brighton

Brighton is an iconic seaside resort in eastern Essex. This city break destination offers a royal pavilion, pumping clubs, pubs, seaside shops, gigs, and more. For fish lovers, Brighton’s marina is the perfect place to haul cod, ling, pomfret, eels, dab, sole, and plaice. Other than boating, you can try its harbor wall to catch red mullet, mackerel, and smoothhound sharks.

Brighton is also popular for its restaurants and delicious Mediterranean seafood dishes. You can also enjoy watersports and boat racing at Brington’s harbor. Don’t miss Brighton’s Palace Pier at dusk, as it is the most iconic attraction with its golden beaches.

4. Bournemouth

This is a popular coastal resort in southern England. It is a hotspot for surf lovers, and it offers a perfect invitation for beach sports. You would also love having a gentle stroll on its pier and nighttime concerts and live music on its beaches.

If you join a charter, then you may fill your boat with bream, wrasse, whiting, and pollock quickly. You can also make some great catches without leaving the beach. That’s the beauty of Bournemouth fishing. It’s more like a fisherman paradise where you can find trout, salmon, pike, barbel, and lots of carp.

5. Inverness

Inverness is the place where history is alive with live music in places like Hotannany. It is also a place where tourists refresh themselves with local speysides and local whiskeys. The majestic Inverness castle is located at the bank of River Ness. Inverness attracts anglers and people who love fishing.

The bank of River Ness is highly popular for trout and salmon fishing. If you move to Loch Ness then you may add more freshwater fish to your lists like carp, eel, perch, pike, arctic char, and many more. You can even try Spey casting to catch a lot of salmon in River Ness.

6. Swansea

This is a coastal city in south Wales. This city is alluring with beautiful countryside and long sandy beaches. Furthermore, it is a place to enjoy plays at the Grand Theater, explore the historic National Waterfront Museum, and buzz through Swansea market and its infamous nightlife.

For fishing, there are plenty of options for you. Yes, there are remote streams, wonderful lakes, and two different seas to catch fish. This is also one of the oldest charter ports in all of Great Britain. You can catch sea fish like cod, bass, whiting, and more.

You can also try to catch freshwater fish in the ponds of Swansea as they are rich with coarse fishes. Swansea has inland River Wye which reserves a wide variety of fishes like chub, roach, barbel, grayling, pike, crab, and more.

7. New Quay

This is probably the heartland of British surfing. New Quay’s beach in Cornwall always buzzes with watersports and boat sailing. Since 1870, New Quay has arranged one of the best sailing competitions, the Cardigan Bay Regatta. Other than that, this place is also famous for its dolphin’s sanctuary. It is not unusual to find thousands of tourists sunbathing and spotting dolphins on hot summer days.

New Quay was popular for fishing long before surfing’s introduction. Yet, it is still popular to catch conger eels, pollock, ling, bull huss, sea bream, cod, and much more. New Quay is desirable for big fishing games for porbeagle sharks or giant blue.

8. Scarborough

If you are a history lover, then this is your place to catch aquatics. This is a place to find century-old fossils and beautiful countryside along golden sandy beaches. Also, this small town of Yorkshire offers comedy acts, plays, gigs, and pop-ups all over town.

No wonder this place is perfect for fishing. You can either try a boat or pier to catch mackerel, wrasse, whiting, dab, cod, pollock, ling, and many more. Other than that, you can also visit its local fishery lakes to catch rudd, roach, perch, and pikes.

Final Verdict

Fishing is fun and is also a great sport. Your fishing enjoyment doubles when you pick the right destinations for fishing. Follow the above-listed destinations for the best outdoor fishing expeditions in the UK.


The Phi Phi islands is a cluster of islands, situated between Phuket and Ko Lanta in the Andaman sea.  This beautiful set of secluded islands is under the Kingdom of Thailand and is administrated by the Krabi Province. These islands are a tourist hotspot and can be reached by an hour-long boat ride from Phuket. People love this place because of its scarce population, alluring white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and irresistible limestone cliffs.  Ko Phi Phi Don which is the largest island among the cluster and Ko Phi Phi Le which is a bit smaller, are two islands among the group which is frequented by tourists. Maximum of the population of this archipelago is constituted of fishermen and coconut planters who are predominantly Muslim. The island became very popular after 2000, as Leonardo DiCaprio’s film was shot here.


Being completed surrounded by sea with an elevation of one meter, these islands had to face considerable damage in the tsunami of December 2004, and everything had to be rebuilt from scratch. Lying in a stretch of forty kilometres, The Phi Phi archipelago consists of six different islands and have been declared an indispensable part of the Hat Nopparat Thara – Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, protected by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The climate fluctuates between 17-30 degrees celsius, which is mild and welcomes tourists from all around the world. Apart from the heavenly beaches, The Phi Phi islands also offer the tourists to enjoy the precious marine life, exotic food and exciting caves. These islands are known as the homes of the real inhabitants, untouched from the intricacies of urban life for a long time, and the fishermen lived their way until the Kingdom of Malaysia gained administrative power over them and turned the islands into a revenue-generating tourism business which brings in lots of euros and dollars every year.

How to get there?

The government of the Krabi Province takes care of transportation and roads in these islands. They do not allow the use of moto vehicles, except for some emergency services. All other kinds of goods are transported using pushcarts, and the people travel using a bicycle. You can also visit the place if you are flying from another country. The closest airport is in Phuket and Krabi after which you will have to take a motor propelled ferry or a hand oared boat. These boats frequent the island all day from 8 am in the morning to 3 pm in the evening.

Where to stay?

There is no lack of places to stay, from small and cosy homestays, extravagant bungalows to multi-facility resorts with private beaches, you can choose anything depending on your budget. The islands in the Andaman sea are famous for the construction of unique styles of wood and bamboo houses, local shopping centres and prepossessing island restaurants. Among the popular places to stay are the Zevola Resort, Phi Phi Harbour View Hotel and Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort. The most popular place to find a stay is in Tonasi village, which has a buzzing marketplace with bars, restaurants and shops for other amenities.

What can you do when you are there?

One of the best things about Phi Phi Islands is that there is no human-made structure which serves as a tourist attraction, everything is natural and serene. Maya Bay is a beach located in the island of Ko Phi Phi Leh and was the shooting place of a Hollywood movie, The Beach which released in 2000. You can enjoy the view of the archipelago from the Phi Phi Viewpoint in the Ko Phi Phi Don island. Check the link for more ideas on how you could make your vacation more fun. The Bamboo island located in Ko Phai is a small island covered with thick vegetation of green bamboo plants. The Bamboo island is also famous for activities like snorkelling and enjoying the view of the beautiful reef. You can also go fishing or deep-sea diving on a sailing cruise which can be booked from the island, where you might get to see sharks and other exotic marine life. The Viking cave which is accessible by boat is another tourist attraction in Ko Phi Phi Leh. The locals know it as Tham Phaya Nak and know it as a place where shipwrecked sailors take refuge and try to find a way in this impregnable fortress.


Europe is a continent made of peninsulas and islands that span from Scandinavia and Mainland Europe in the north all the way down to the Balkans and Italy in the south. From their beautiful sceneries and historical monuments to the most vibrant culinary experiences, they continue to draw visitors from around the world. You are sure to find something for you in one of the cities of this continent, if you want a holiday adventure like no other, you might want to try the following:

Kayak the Lakes of Armenia

Kayaking is an adventure that everyone can enjoy whether you’re young or old. If you are looking for a thrilling water activity, then you can also get a more intense version of kayaking over waterfalls. However, the ultimate joy you can get out of it is being able to explore large lakes.

When it comes to lakes, Armenia is the place to go. It is home to so many mountain lakes that Assyrians had called it Nairi, which means “land of lakes and rivers”. Perhaps the most outstanding lake in the country is Lake Sevan. It is the largest body of water in the Caucasus region. You can explore any of the lakes in the country in solo kayaks or in tandem.

Cycle around Portugal

With its natural conditions, Portugal is one of the best biking destinations. It is a small country, but it isn’t short in landscapes. You can choose from hundreds of cycling routes in the area. All Portugal cycling routes offer unforgettable scenic views. To top it all, you can always stay in some of the best luxury and characterful villas in Europe, after a long day of cycling around the country.

There’s the Douro Wine region in the north which will take you to Douro valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Then there’s Rota Vicentina in the southwest. You’ll enjoy the quiet country roads, stunning ocean views, and more. If you prefer, you can also explore Alentejo at the center of the country and get a view of old towns and dolmens.

Go Camping in Poland

While most people go to Poland to visit Krakow or Warsaw, there are other enjoyable activities that you can do in this beautiful country. One of them is camping. There are several campgrounds across the land, and each of them offer scenic views of lakes, mountains, and beaches.

If a hike is not too much for you and you’re looking for a holiday a bit more unusual, then you can go to Bieszczady mountains in the southeast and camp among vibrant flowers in the meadows. If the beach is more to your liking, then there’s the Hel Peninsula just right at Poland’s Baltic coast.

Take Small Ship Cruise Around Croatia

Croatia is known for its charming cities and walled towns. It also boasts the most stunning coastlines and beaches. The best way to see both is through riding a cruise ship.

Travel to the Mediterranean city of Split, which is found on the eastern shore of Adriatic. This city has a history that dates back to 295 A.D. A small ship cruise vacation around Split will show you just how majestic the place is with its marbled streets and coastal mountains.

Stay in a Castle in Ireland

Scattered throughout Ireland are thousands of medieval castles that used to be homes of the most powerful families. Nowadays, people have the chance to explore the glory of these fortified places.

There’s no shortage of castles you can visit– from the impressive Carrickfergus Castle, the finest preserved medieval structure in the country, to Ashford Castle, which is now one of Ireland’s finest hotels.

If Europe is one of your next travel destinations, be sure to spend your holiday the best way you can by trying one of the activities mentioned above.


A sailing vacation is the best way to explore a new country in a relaxed and comfortable way. The trip becomes all the more enthralling if the intended port of call is Croatia, with its lovely creeks, quaint villages and diverse island cultures just waiting to entice you. So hoist the mainsail and head to these selected destinations to enjoy a Croatian sea trip like no other.


The strategically located island of Hvar, has over the centuries remained an oasis of rich history and culture. Considered to be among the ten most beautiful islands of the world, the interiors of Hvar are home to lavender fields and sprawling vineyards lying in the shadows of ancient villages. The town’s legendary bars come alive at night when casual party goers rub shoulders with the rich and famous while cruising throughout the night.


The unspoilt island of Korcula, also referred to as mini Dubrovnik, is on the top of the itinerary of any sailing ship cruising the Adriatic Coast. Medieval squares, churches and houses dot the small towns and villages and are ideal for those seeking for some relaxation in total seclusion. A top draw of Korcula is the Moreska dance performance which is held twice a week during the summer months.


The picturesque chain of Pakleni Islands lie just south off the coast of Hvar and are known for their stunning beaches and hidden coves. The days are long, the waters warm and crowds easily manageable making time spent here a pleasant proposition. If you enjoy underwater activities, this area is great for snorkeling and scuba diving.


The harbour town of Vis is situated 14 nautical miles from Hvar and is a popular stop on the main cruising route. Traces of Roman baths, a Greek cemetery and an English fortress can be found here, all within walking distance of each other. Vis has some excellent ocean facing bars and dining outlets which can easily tempt you to spend that extra night here. The waters of these thickly wooded isles has no shortage of secluded lagoons and pristine beaches.


Home to sleepy villages, vineyards and pine forests, Mljet is one of the largest islands in Croatia and easily the most scenic and popular. The island produces some of the best red and white vines, fabulous seafood and even has a famous National Park within its borders.The two lakes of the park, Veliko and Malo Jezero drain into the sea through a small passage which keeps them unusually warm during the summer months making them great swimming spots. Apart from the fine wine, the nightlife on Mljet is pretty vibrant with nightlong beach parties on the waterfront discos a daily affair.


This small port lies on the coast of Kastela Bay, about 27km west of Split. Trogir is a top draw with history buffs because of the plethora of well preserved monuments, Romanesque buildings and beautiful Renaissance works of art found here. Summer nights ring to the sounds of music from the seaside bars and cafes which glisten under the old-fashioned street lights. Trogir makes a good alternative base from a big city for spending a couple of relaxing days.

It is said to discover a new port, you first have to lose sight of the shore. Fortunately, this is very much possible in Croatia, where the shorter distance between the islands allow the traveler to easily visit a new island each day. Cruising the waters along the Adriatic Coast has now become a magnet for such sailors looking to experience the romance of the ocean in a truly liberating manner.


Dutch Foods to Enjoy in Amsterdam

by Julia on April 28, 2020

Amalgamating Northern Europe staples with New World tastes, Holland has developed exceptional cookery that is famous for its different snacks and hearty meals. Some of these gastronomic delights go well with a creamy Dutch latte or local beer. The following are several yummiest dishes you can get in the Netherlands, most of which are obtainable throughout the nation thanks to numerous successful Dutch chefs.


If you attempt a single Dutch sweet treat, then it must be stroopwafel. Two thin waffles wedged together with a coating of sweet syrup; these enjoyable delicacies are best eaten hot and mushy.


These are conventional deep-fried meatballs enjoyed by buddies together with some beers. Enjoyable and greasy, bitterballen are typically dipped in slight mustard and devoured using a toothpick or your hands. Numerous pubs will serve them as a snack.

Apple pie

As if you wanted reasons to gobble a heartening cut of apple pie. The deep-dish Dutch type is mixed with cinnamon, sprinkled with raisins and served ’till a whipped cream smothering. Apple pie tops the dessert menu in numerous cafés and restaurants in Holland.


Olliebollen means ‘oil balls’ – nevertheless, that should not put you off.  These are deep-fried sweet dumplings (at times comprising fruit pieces) plus sprinkled in-ground sugar, and they are so tasty that they are only available during New Year’s Eve, just before the January diet comes knocking.


Some kind of biscuits. They are crispy, thick; regularly have a tipoff of nutmeg. Dutch citizens are crazy about it and consume them in a kind of spread on your bread.


The most popular marketplace snack in Holland is Kibbeling. It is a fried battered fish (normally cod) with some tartar sauce.


Tompoes are cream-filled desserts held together using two extended pieces of puff pastry plus have a pink icing topping. The creamy treat is consumed with coffee or tea and vended in supermarkets and bakeries throughout the Netherlands. Individuals have a hard time determining how to chomp tompoes, with some favoring to slice it into tiny handy portions. In contrast, others take huge bites from any of its ends, regularly ejecting cream out from the other.


Dutch pancakes are bigger and slender than Scotch or American pancakes. They are ordinarily savoury and sweet and come with lots of topping possibilities. Pannenkoeken is so prevalent here that there are numerous steadfast pancake eateries all over the Netherlands. What to put on it is the only choice you require making!

The Dutch Expat Shop -  offers you loads of exclusive culinary experiences if you are missing your favorite dutch food for nationals and fans alike. Do not hang around devoid of trying at least one of these Dutch foods.