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Jules Vernes (Trip-Mongolia) is glad to travel with you on a memorable interesting tour package of Mongolia. We believe that it can be an unforgettable and pleasant time you spend in Mongolia. Our friendly Mongolian staff will help you discover the “Real” Mongolia to destinations of your choice and with qualified accommodation for your comfort.

The tours organized by JVM are ideal first wilderness experiences for families, couples, and individuals who want to join an active group or explore the country separately. From the majestic sand dunes of Gobi and glaciers of the Yol Valley to the flowered tundra and mountain vistas of Huvsgul Lake area... from the turquoise waters of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake and magnificent surroundings of the Gurvan Saikhan National Park ... our tours are active adventures in full view of Mongolia’s natural splendors. Enjoy Naadam; watch Mongolians celebrate the cultural and sport heritage of nomads during this National holiday. For centuries, Mongolian warriors demonstrated their skill and power through wrestling, horse racing and archery. Experience a variety of activities, Float wild and scenic waterways, mountain bike in Khuvsgul Lake area, stay overnight in a Mongolian traditional dwelling-ger, horse, camel and yak riding, watch the Milky Way in the starry nights as you gather around the fireside.

Gobi desert tour; visit nomadic family. Taste Mongolian dairy products. Camel riding. Continue driving to Bayanzag. On the way see the lake in the middle of sand dunes. Bayanzag -homeland of dinosaurs and currently regarded as the cemetery for its fossils and eggs. Bayanzag is a forest area /130kms/ and was an ancient sea in prehistoric times. Naadam Festival Tour; tour the opening ceremony of the Central Stadium. Enjoy sports and cultural performances, including wrestling and archery contest. Cultural program - Mongolian traditional folk songs & dance concert. Birth place of Ghinggis Khaan; The historical place of Hudoo Aral is 130 kilometers to the southeast of the Khan Khehtii Protected Area. 1240, The Secret History of the Mongols, the most important literary and historical work of Mongols from the ancient times was completed at Aurag, where the Palace of Ghinggis Khaan was. The Jules Vernes Mongolia company's fishing camp is located at the confluence of the river "Egiin gol". The Egiin Gol River flows out from Khuvsgul Lake to Selenge River. The Egiin Gol River is a beautiful stony mountain river with clear water. The Egiin Gol River as well as its tributaries are populated with Siberian grayling (about 40 cm) and lenok (50-65 cm), Taimen population is above-average here, and due to this there is a big chance to catch trophy pieces over 130 cm. Egiin gol river is also suitable for fly fishing. Our camp has a comfortable wooden lodge, kitchen & sauna.

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