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Our main tour, and the one we recommend highly, meets at 6:00 am by reservation. It is a lot less crowded with other tour companies, rental boats, and our local recreational boaters at that time. Our next tours can be scheduled for 9:00 am or 11:00 am. You can book the 6:00 am tour on line 24 hours a day, or call us from 9 - 5 Eastern time at +352.563.2763. Our 9:00 am and 11:00 am tours must be booked by phone.

Bird's Underwater is owned and operated by Captains Bill "Bird" and Diane Oestreich. We have been operating as guides in Crystal River since 1989. We offer personal attention, supervision and education to our customers. We love the manatees and have learned to balance your desire to see them with a respect for the animal, the laws and the local environment. Our tours are intended to be educational, as well as enjoyable. We are devoted to educating the public about the plight of the manatees and helping to protect the manatees from boat propellers and other manmade hazards. Bird's Underwater is a proud sponsor of the Manatee Fund under the guidance of the Friends of the Chassohowitzka Wildlife Refuge. Please visit their website and consider a donation to our local manatees. Free manatee literature is available upon request.

Stay in one of our waterfront rental houses, kayaks included at the houses, FREE use of our kayaks on the Crystal River, (based on availability) and 10% discount on a manatee tour. There is a 2 night minimum, reservations required. See homes on the NIGHTLY WATERFRONT RENTALS Page. Manatee Tour - Kayak Package Join us on our 6:00 am manatee tour and receive 20% off an afternoon kayak excursion. You learn the river and rules in the morning. Have a lunch, and spend the afternoon in the sun exploring for yourself. There is so much to see on the river. Return to the springs, or explore the back waters. Manatee tour - Rainbow Snorkel/Dive Drift Join us on the early manatee tour, keep your rental gear for the after, and we will arrange your tour with the Rainbow River Water Taxi for a shuttle up the Rainbow River., $15.00 per person, (based on availability). Enjoy a relaxing drift from approximately 1/2 mile up river back to your car at the KP Hole County Park. Groups of 4 or more snorkelers or divers can be taken on a boat tour that is NOT a shuttle for $45.00 per person. Our boat will stay with you, watch the kids, let grandma ride along, allow you to rest on board if you're tired while the other divers or snorkelers stay in the river. See photos on our links page, video on our YouTube channel: Bird's Underwater Dive Center and Manatee Tours.

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