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The “Carretera Austral” is a 1240 kms scenic road from P. Montt to V.O’Higgins (Southern Ice Fields). The enormous task of its design and construction started with H. Steffen in the late 1800s. Later, in the 1930’s, A. Grosse continued with the explorations that were finally completed by A. Horvath between 1976 and 1986. The road was finished in 1998.

The carretera austral runs through the middle of the Aysen Region and is its vertebral column. The route crosses so many beautiful landscapes that it is a destination per se. It starts in P.Montt and after 3 ferry crossings, runs through the middle of a lush temperate rain forest, quite unique in this planet. The northern part, until Coyhaique, its capital, is a land of evergreen trees, mountains, fjords, glaciers, lakes and rivers. Here rainfall is high and sunny days are precious. From Coyhaique to the south the landscape is much rugged, with deciduous forests, tall mountains topped with glaciers coming from the north and south ice fields. This is a much drier area, with more sun light but very windy. To go from P. Montt to O’Higgins, visitors must consider at least a 2 week journey since still most of the road is gravel. But in case no much time is available only a portion of the route can be done. We highly recommend self drive, and as the route in its self is the highlight, the independence of stopping whenever visitors feel like, it is very much appreciated.

Reasons for Travel

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  • Coastal temperate rain forest
  • Glaciers
  • 2nd largest lake in south america
  • Amazing landscape

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