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Country: Vietnam
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Community & Responsibility in Every Travel Idea and Action. The Most Cutting Edge and Local Friendly Travel Management Companies in Asia . Tourism Business Development For Local Community Benefits.

Our Tailor-made Itineraries

We have been organizing customized tours in the region since 2006. The wealth of options featured on our website is just a taste of what we can do. All our tours are fully customized to suit your needs.

As a specialty Indochina tour operator, we are able to offer a great deal more to our customers. We approach even the most well know sight from a fresh angle with our in-depth knowledge. By complementing the more famous destination with the less “traveled to” sight, we believe we can give you a more authentic experience.

Cutting Edge nicely on Prices

Asiana Travel Mate has strong purchasing power in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, thus we are able to negotiate substantial discounts from travel suppliers, offering you the best value for money on your trip due to our large net work of branches and tourist information centers.

Our Quality Assurance

We book accommodation appropriate to the type of tour selected and the client’s preferences - from standard 3 star hotels to 5 star luxury beach resorts. Whatever the selected standard of accommodation, we use the best at that level and conduct periodic inspections to ensure quality. Most of our trips are run in a luxury “backpacking” style, the emphasis being on adventurous comfort. We positively encourage independent exploration while ensuring time is used safely and economically – we take care of the details and the hassle, allowing you to get on with your adventure. We are doing well with personalized services that are all services inquiries are carefully, responsibly designed and operated by every Sales person and Operator. Who take care and assist our customers, before, during and after their holidays.

Our People

As we live in Indochina, we know all about the products we sell. This knowledge ensures that you book a trip that is right for you.

All our guides are locally employed, received excellent training and speaking your languages who know all destination, history and culture inside and out. They offer friendly and efficient service at every state of your journey.

Our Promise of Safety

We constantly monitor the region in case any problems should arise and all our guides receive international first aid training. We also require that all Asiana Travel Mate’ clients have adequate medical and travel insurance before participating in our tour programs.

Responsible Travel & Sharing

Asiana Travel Mate promotes and practices the ethic of responsible travel and sharing. We work hard to empower local communities and ensure that both they and our clients benefit from our tours. We also offer you the opportunity to spend a little time meeting and helping the people who are benefiting from your holiday.

Our Reputations

Our industry and consumer awards are testimony to our excellent reputation and experienced professionals in the region.

Asiana Travel Mate Receives:

1. The Guide Awards 2010 - 2011 " The Leading Tour Operator with Personal Service" by Vietnam Economic Times. 2. The Guide Awards 2009-2010 for “The Year’s Best for Excellent Tour Operator” by Vietnam Economic Times. 3. Trusted Brand 2009 - 2010 2011 by Viet Nam Business Association 4. Golden cup for Excellent Service in 2009 – with theme for Community development and health. 5. Golden cup for Excellent Business in 2009 - with theme for Community development and health.

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Asiana Travel Mate

  • Our Tailor-made Itineraries
  • Cutting Edge nicely on Prices
  • Our Quality Assurance
  • Our People
  • Our Promise of Safety
  • Responsible Travel & Sharing
  • Our Reputation

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