Specialist Databases

In addition to our holidays database, located in the blue search box to the right, PureTravel has compiled two specialist databases:

The Specialist Accommodation database lists lodges, camps, ranches, yachts and villas where you can be based for your whole trip. They have activities on offer that allow you to enjoy and explore while relaxing at great locations.

The Specialist Operator database lists small holiday companies, tour guides, city guides and activity specialists who offer a small range of specialist holidays and tours in only one or two locations.

In both databases, the holidays are offered by local experts and enthusiasts, whether they be a guide, a ranger, a yachtsman or a cowboy, meaning that you get a true insight into the country you are visiting.

To search one of our Specialist databases, simply choose a country from the 2 options below.

Specialist Accommodation

Specialist Operators


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